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I was just scrolling through my YouTube notifications and it turns out that there's a new LEGO Marvel short film, which you can watch here. I've only briefly skipped through to some of the scenes, as I don't have time to watch right now, but here's what I've got (SPOILERS):


It's titled "Loki in Training" seems to be a semi-sequel to last year's Climate Conundrum, and follows a plot about Loki and another Chitauri Invasion. Nebula seems to pop up in it as well. I spotted a few HYDRA sets, and even the almighty Thanos Mech, which got me really excited. I think there's a battle between Thanos Mech and Iron Man Mech.

It seems like the film is only using 2020 sets, which leads me to believe its a sequel to Climate Conundrum. I'll be watching it later today, and post my thoughts as well.


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