Faction: Corellian Security (CorSec)

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Corellian SecurityCorSecLogo.png
Faction: CorSec (CS)
Faction Leader: MKJoshA
Faction 2nd in Command: Stuartn
Capital Planet: Corellia - M11


CorSec Intro Factions: Galaxy Divided

Following the defeat of the Empire at Jakku the New Republic was founded. As Chancellor of the New Republic, Mon Mothma ordered the disarmament of the New Republic Defense Fleet. Her desire was for peace throughout the galaxy and sought to rule through political and economic means rather than through military might as the Empire had done. Under Mon Mothma's direction the New Republic offered the galaxy peace and security for all who joined. But without a large military fleet, that meant the New Republic Intelligence agency was called on to shoulder a very large burden.

To handle all the possible threats, the NRI partnered with Corellian Security. CorSec was known for maintaining a large intelligence network reaching all across the galaxy, handling threats to Corellians wherever they found themselves, and having a wide range of skills the NRI knew would be helpful as they sought to keep the peace. Now CorSec uses it's galaxy wide reach to protect not just Corellians but all members of the New Republic.

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If you're familiar with EU material you've probably read about CorSec. They are the good-guy version of the ISB (Imperial security Bureau), acting similar to the FBI, CIA, or MI6


Most operations for CorSec require being in plainclothes or under-cover. When the situation does arise, CorSec uniforms look like this:



Though any Rebel/New Republic uniforms work as well. Such as these:

CorSec Intro Factions: Galaxy Divided

Or these:

CorSec Intro Factions: Galaxy Divided


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Director: MKJoshA
Deputy Director: Stuartn
Chief of Staff: karmajay, Stewed Giraffe, Jody Meyer, jansued
Deputy Chief of Staff:
-Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC)
-Special Agent
-Field Agents
-New Agent Trainee


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-Information Analysis
-Weapons Intelligence and Arms Control

Science and Technology
-Park Rangers
-Development and Engineering


Peacekeeping Forces High Command
CorSec Peacekeeping Forces (CPF) Branches:
-Deep Space Recon Branch
-Galactic Trade Routes Patrol and Protection Branch
-Conflict Intervention and Solution Branch


To join CorSec simply reach out to MKJoshA or Stuartn via PM. They will help you join CorSec. All new recruits will begin with the rank of New Agent Trainee. As you build for the Faction you can rise in the ranks and even become a Director of your own branch within CorSec.






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I pledge my allegiance to the  CorSec Faction.

Below are my figure templates.

Faction logo 3Corellian Security and Intelligence Agency

Figbarf for the Corellian Security Intelligence Organisation.

From left to right: special agent, two regular operatives, CSIO soldier, technician, guardsman.

EB FactionsCorSec Expeditionary Force

Dubbed the 'Park Rangers' due to their expeditionary nature, the CorSec Frontier Force is the spearhead of many assaults.

From left to right: two regular infantry, officer and technician.

EB FactionsCorSec Ecological Management Division

Responsible for maintaining Corellia's external territories and offworld reserves, as well as the defence of these assets, is the Ecological management Division.

From left to right: EMD technician, officer, ranger, wilderness assault trooper, speeder-bike operator and shock-trooper.

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After crash landing on Corellia, and being unsure of what I would do now, I went walking aimlessly through the streets of Coronet City. As fate would have it, I ran across a local security team just leaving from a meeting with a new client. After having a short conversation with the leader of the group (who, as it turned out, was the Director of the company), I decided I might as well stick around Corellia for a while and pledged my service to the group, finding out later it was none other than Corellian Security, or CorSec for short.






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This is J9 again. Janine Solo of the wellknown Solo family. Somehow I made it through the first episode of Factions and somebody thought it might be a good idea to give me two stars. So I offer CorSec for the nest season my services as a General in the CorSec Peacekeeper Forces.

51726770725_6f02846f96_c.jpg20211205_123843 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr

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yKyzQkQs.jpg B13: Well looks like your vacation is coming to an end Kirwin! We've got new orders! More mystery and adventure for the team!

nQXDK7Ys.jpg Kirwin: This vacation was nice but I guess it is time to get back to it. The galaxy needs our help B13! Let's get back to helping them! Also, how many popsicles have you eaten during this vacation? Those                                            can't be good for your circuits!

yKyzQkQs.jpg B13: Oh well, er, see you back on the ship Kirwin!



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Ronin Reporting for as chief of staff for the Corellian Security Force - TFT.


The Corellian Security Force, commonly abbreviated CorSec, is a security firm based in/around the Corellian Sector. As one of the oldest Security firms in existence, the group has mainly assisted the Galactic Empire with policing the sector and upholding the Imerpial law. That has now changed with what has happened in the world of Factions. The Corellian Security Force. The very name strikes fear into pirates, smugglers and other scum of the galaxy.


CorSec Special Operations, or CSO in short, is an elite paramilitary unit formed from the best and brightest members of CorSec. A combination of pilot, commando and investigator, CSO officers are trained in both police and military tactics and can also exist out of CorSec Force Users. They carry out the most dangerous missions undertaken by CorSec, such as infiltrating crime syndicates or hunting pirates that haunt the Corellian System's far flung asteroid fields. CSO officers are hand picked by the Chief Marshal himself and have earned the Directionates trust to perform cover operations for the firm.


Tactical Response Team
The Tactical Response Team, or TRT, is a sub branch under the CSF and falls under the command of the CSF group Commander. Better trained and better paid than the average officer, they mainly conduct high risk operations such as room to room combat on ground facilities, stations and ships. During the course of their work, they often develop wide networks of criminal, law enforcement, civilian and and military contacts and are the elite forces of the CSF.


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Converting 194XP from @Stuartn (Factions Seasons 1)

50IP to Hijo - J8

47IP to Bilbringi - J8

Converting 85XP from @karmajay (Factions Season 1)

3IP to Bilbringi - J8

40IP to Xa Fel - K9

Converting 74XP from @jansued (Factions Season 1)

10IP to Xa Fel - K9

27IP to Vardos - K9

Converting 71XP from @Jody Meyer (Factions Season 1)

23IP to Vardos - K9

13IP to Coruscant - K9

Converting 47XP from @DarthsDonuts54 (Factions Season 1)

24IP to Coruscant - K9

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The Followers of the Force have created a Blockade in the Kinyen system (L15). The purpose of this blockade, cornerstoned by a powerful Mon Calamari warship, is to secure neutrality on the Great Gran Run. To that end, it applies to both Imperial and Republic affiliates, preventing either from invading the other. 

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CorSec will be using it's LTC to place 40 IP on Commenor N10, 10 IP on Nubia M11, and 10 IP on Bellassa M11

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Wanted to publicly announce that @Stuartn is going to take over as leader of CorSec. I'm looking forward to continue to build for CorSec, but Stuart will be the man in charge.

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