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[MOC] Fantasy figs of the Whispering Woods

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With my latest part of some figs build for my Whispering Woods themed builds, I wanted to also share the previous parts:


Fantasy figbarf - the Whispering Woods by Ids, on Flickr

A figbarf of some forest dwellers and visitors of the Whispering woods, from left to right:

Leading the expedition through the forest.

The ranger of the north.

A young knight.

A half elf who is traveling with Elwyn.

One of the last Ash wood elf's.

Little Mikja
The forest guide.

A woodling living deep in the forest.

The old wizard living in the woods.

A cold man, maybe because he's made from stone.

Who calls himself Fenrir, the werewolf, he lost his ability to transform and is a hybrid form between wolf and man.

and the last: 
He calls him self Jörmungandr, not much is known about him.



Fantasy figbarf - Whispering Woods II - the Wood Elves by Ids, on Flickr

Just a bunch of different wood elves inhabiting the whispering woods.


Fantasy figbarf - Whispering Woods III by Ids, on Flickr

From left to right:

A black fire demon.

A brave warrior of the Retenia scouts.

The leader of the Retenia scouts.

The archer of the Retenia scouts.

A strong warrior in search for the next dragon to slay, wandering the Whispering Woods to find one.

An old and wise elf who has lived for nearly 5 centuries. He traveled from Álfheimr to the Whispering Woods to visit his old friend Elwyn, who gave him an Ash wood elf shield. 

A monster hunter, slaying monster is his passion and job (what counts as a monster may vary).


Fantasy figbarf - Whispering Woods IV by Ids, on Flickr

Another figbarf of some forest dwellers and visitors of the Whispering woods, from left to right:

Another woodling living deep in the forest, friends with Duirda

She fought in the battle of the north, now back home, Aht requested that she came to strengthen the party to explore the Whispering Woods.

A beastly centaurus of the clan of Taurus, a centaur with the head of a bull.

Friends with Siet the old wizard, living in the forest.

Felys and Ferrel
Also known as the Catz, little helpers of Ada. Originally from a southern country called Felisia.

A helper of Svyatobor.

An ancient Leshy, always appears if the forest when the forest need protection or when it is irritated with all the noise visitors make. With it's power to control plants and animals, it is a fierce adversary. Can also shapeshift and change its appearance based it's needs.

Another helper of Svyatobor.


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Cool minifigures! I especially like the wizard in the top picture and the fire demon in the penultimate one, but they're all great :thumbup:

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