[COR - MRCA] Class 5 Octavia

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In the early days of the exploration and settlement beyond Terraversa, pirates were plentiful as the lack of armed warships made explorers and merchants easy targets. Her Majesty requested that any individuals and trade companies who would help outfit warships for protection of these new colonies would be rewarded with command of the ship given to a qualified individual of their choosing, and right of first capture of other ships. Since Micah and WETEC had stumbled upon a pirate treasure early in their travels they used these funds to outfit a ship for her majesty. 


HMS El Bellos was outfitted and set sail in April of 616. The Captaincy was granted to one of the WETEC owners, George Knight. He still captains that ship and has served Corrington well in that position. 


The ship defended merchants admirably and in February of 617, it was patrolling with 3 other warships, when it set upon four pirate ships. The ships captured the Octavia, and sank the other three pirates. As her majesty promised the Octavia was granted to WETEC as its capture and with some retrofitting it has sailed as the flagship of WETEC. It has been the primary ship used by Micah and Elizabeth when sailing between the WETEC's holdings. However, with a new stronger flagship being produced for the WETEC, and the WETEC merging more under the banner of the ETTC, the Octavia is being handed over to focus more on merchant endeavors. However, Micah has heard that her majesty has need of a ship to move some troops so he is sending her for that purpose. 






OOC: It has been a while since I have finished anything and this digital build has been a multi year project. I hope to get back to building quicker again, as I enjoy building these stories. 

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Nice and well-built ship. The stern of the ship is very successful. The color combination also works well.

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