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[MOC] Fire truck engine

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Hello there,

this time I would like to present you again a new vehicle, which I have built. Since last time the fire station has already found its way into the Lego city, today follows the first vehicle. It is a classic, american fire truck engine, as you know it from several movies. Very typical with the big bumper and the engine and pump control in the middle of the vehicle.
I also made sure to build the whole thing in minifigure scale as much as possible. Also the minifigures find their place inside.

As always, there is also a build video to go along with it. Feel free to have a look.
Of course, there are again pictures with descriptions of the vehicle below.




MOC fire truck engine

The fire truck with the typic red lights and the high cabin structure. Also nice to see is the middle part with the control panel for the pumps.


fire truck engine_2

From behind you can also see the signal lights for the back traffic. Hoses are transported on the roof.


I hope you like the model. Let me know if you do .

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