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This is my UCS-like version of the Z-95 Headhunter from the Clone Wars. It is 937 pieces + 125 pieces for the stand. The Z-95 is a pretty sleek starfighter and I wanted to give it that clean look that it has in the Clone Wars show. I think I did a decent job at that - there are not many studs showing and the starfighter overall looks pretty sleek. I did also add in landing gear. There are 3 - one in the front and two towards the back. They can retract when you no longer need them. There is also a little slot in the bottom of the starfighter for the stand to go. There isn't actually a connection; you just place the starfighter right on top of the stand. 

51608739542_7662a0c39e_z.jpgLego Z-95 Headhunter moc (Clone Wars) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr

51609559336_29d91a89e0_z.jpgz95 with stand_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr

51610217899_28cc5e4a9d_z.jpgUntitledModel by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr


I did also make instructions/parts list if anyone was curious:

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2 hours ago, Kim-Kwang-Seok said:

wow, you got some great MOC's! Sad most of em will never see at least a similar UCS release..

Thanks! And yea I agree, LEGO doesn't really do a lot of prequel UCS sets

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