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Hi, I'm Tim and I'm in Canada.  43 now and I've grown up with LEGO my whole life, I focused on Classic Space when I was a kid, my brother was into Castle.

During my 20s and 30s most of my LEGO was packed away.  Last year I pulled them out again since my kids were now getting into LEGO as well.  Going through my old collection and cleaning it up rekindled my addiction for it and I've started collecting now.  I am amazed by the Creator Expert line and Modular Buildings collections. I also like the Creator 3in1 and Speed Champions as well as anything that I'll find interesting to build.

Keep building!

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17 hours ago, Jody Meyer said:

Welcome, DelQuinn

Where about in Canada are you? I am 47 and live in Northern Ontario..

Happy Building

I live in Ottawa :classic:

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