[MOC] Feel Good Island (w/Power Functions & Tensegrity Stand), inspired by Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc."

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Welcome to Feel Good Island!

This is your Captain DoubleBU speaking. Thank you for chosing Air "Feel Good Island" for your trip. We're ready for take-off in about 10 minutes, so please switch off your mobile phones and fasten your seat belts.

During your flight with us you can experience and enjoy the following features:

- Power Functions as well as (switchable) manual mode

- Many rotating/moving elements

- Detailed environment (with some Easter Eggs) for nice display

- Also a stable and heavy structure for heavy play

- Accessible battery box withoutdisassembling the whole island, completely hidden inside the structure

- A landing mode, optionally with or without the specially designed tensegrity stand.

- A tensegrity stand that very stably supports the island in a floating position but also allows you to easily pick it up for play.


For further information please refer to our brochures "Feel Good Island" or "Tensegrity Stand" right in front of you.

Thank you very much for your attention and I wish you a pleasant flight...!







Edited by DoubleBU
Added IRL pics

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Actually, I've built one exactly the way you see it here (colours and all). So yes, I can absolutely confirm it balances perfectly, and very much stably, I may add.

If your interested in the system: Those two chains on either side of the island connect onto 2 bars from the cloud sections left and right (you can see this in the last rendered pic). Due to the weight the island would now still flip backwards, so now you need to connect the anchor into that front cloud section, preventing the backward flip, and voilà, the island stays put in a floating position.

Is it 100% tensegrity? Don't know, but I'm pretty happy with the floating effect, even if it's maybe not 100% tensegrity.

Edited by DoubleBU

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