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[OL - TROOP] Oleon Royal Rangers

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"Well I can't see anything!" The aide protested in an angry whisper to the man sitting next to him. He was incredibly uncomfortable to begin with and kept fidgeting with the crotch of his pants. What had possessed the Army to drag the high council staff out of the comfort of Breshaun for this "demonstration" was beyond him. 


Lieutenant Colonel Uncus Skyler chuckled confidently at the clerks frustration. Skyler, who managed to look awkward in the formal uniform required for the occasion, like he had never worn the costume before (in truth, it was new and he had rarely been in such fine company), while also carry the air of confidence that seemed part of him as his towering stature and his half Atwi feature. Perhaps his little game had gone on long enough, come to think of it if he ever wanted to grow his newly formed Battalion of Rangers into the swaggering alliteration of "The Royal Regiment of Rangers" he so sought, he better stop (literally) sweating the officials and make his point.

But... also... not JUST yet... *pause for effect*

What they could not see was that the entire battalion had slowly infiltrated the woods around them.


They couldn't see that the three companies had basically formed up, with Company Commanders front and center, guidons, colors, etc. They hadn't heard a noise as the hand picked woodsmen, many Atwi or half-Atwi, like himself, had creeped to within rock (or tomahawk) throwing distance of the bureaucrats.


Ok long enough... "Gentlemen, what you do not see before you is the latest addition to the Crown's arsenal..." reveling in the cryptic phrasing, Skyler raised his hand casually over his head. "The men you can not see have been specially selected and trained to by invisible, to be ghosts, to appear out of thin air and to vanish in a moment." He threw his hand down quickly and the woods erupted in fire, smoke and noise as 90 powder charged rifles discharged harmlessly into the air from all directions. Many sacred oaths were and violated as the crowd of onlookers, stunned, tried to regain their senses while the sulphur smoke swirled around their heads. LTC Skyler barked, "Fall in!" and suddenly the smokey woods all around stood up, took the forms of men and stepped forward. 


"Report" Skyler barked, and one of the Company Commanders began a detailed recitation of every word that had been spoken over the last half hour. 

"...Well I can't see a thing, stated the man in the black coat..." Captain Rogette carried on and one of the Atwi troops mumbled something comprehendible to the bureaucrats, but that made all the Rangers laugh.

"What did he say!?" Demanded the man in the black coat

A voice rang out facelessly from the massed troops, "He says you keep scratching, you probably ought to get that checked out!" as all present erupted in laughter. 

"Attention!" Skyler bellowed and the formation instantly froze in silence. "That will do"

"Anyway Gentlemen, I hope this demonstration has been informative as to the stealth, reconnaissance value, and fighting ability of the Crown's "1st" Ranger Battalion. We had planned to send 1 Company to Lavalette as a reserve and for two Companies to deploy with me to Terraversa to plot routes and maintain reconnaissance of our new neighbors on the island. I have heard the discussions of issues with the Loti in New Haven and now believe that I will take one Company to New Haven under the Command of COL Beauchamp and the 1st Grenadiers." 




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Great!:pir-huzzah2: Very well-built jungle with realistic positioning of the soldiers. Interesting and exciting book that you wrote about it.

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