How to: R2-D2 to R5-D4 conversion designed by Miro Dudas

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So... after building Lego's 2021 UCS R2-D2 (set #75308) and realising that it is a better model (details, display presence, accuracy, etc.) than the older 2012 version (set #10225).  I was thinking about disassembling my older set when I remembered that I'd seen some images somewhere of a conversion of the 2012 R2 into an R5-D4.

And I found it here on Eurobricks, Miro's conversion! (https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/41226-key-topic-official-lego-sets-made-in-ldd/&page=98&tab=comments#comment-1279886)

Miro kindly published his LDD file for download, but there are no instructions or a list of extra parts that you need for the conversion.  So I put together a video not only showcasing the conversion but including step-by-step info on 'how to' do the conversion if you want to convert your own droid.

Enjoy  ...and thank you @Miro78 for this superb MOC! 


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Excellent video highlight on how to convert an 2012 UCS R2-D2 to an R5-D4. I totally forgot about the conversion I did of this. Thanks for the credit and glad of being help.

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