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Hard to pass up a Guilds CMF challenge :grin:


Warrior Wraith– Nocturnus


In life, a champion of the Black Spire. Now fights mostly out of habit, as he finds being undead rather boring. Has to do something to pass the time!

Elderly Lady - Mitgardia


Lady Tora moved to northern Kaliphlin after the death of her husband and sons in the Algus war. Of late, she often takes tea with Damir.

Elderly Gentleman – Kaliphlin

Damir is a kind old man, wealthy from his lifelong career in the spice trade. Never married, but a proposal to Lady Tora looks near at hand.

Master Swordsman – Varlyrio

He has lived through too many duels and battles to count but isn’t yet old enough to have lost his speed or strength. His reputation has led many of the noble families to seek his services as a mentor and bodyguard for young family members. Picks and chooses his clients carefully.

Forest Ranger - Avalonia

Avalonia’s forests are filled with skilled archers and woodsmen. Loren certainly fits that description and is an excellent tracker too. Frequently offers her services as a guide to foreigners who need to travel through the dense woods of Avalonia.

Gnome Tinker - Kaliphlin

“High quality pots and pans! Add some fresh sparkle to your kitchen!” Folmar is a traveling gnomish tinker. He specializes in metal cooking gear and if unable to sell you something new is also glad to mend your old cookware.

Mushroom Forager - Nocturnus

A very solitary individual. Little is known about him besides his passion for mushrooms. The swamps of Nocturnus offer many unusual varieties though what purpose he then employs their peculiar qualities towards  is unknown…

Veteran Knight – Avalonia

His battered armor has seen action across the guilds. Doesn’t make friends lightly, though is fiercely loyal if you do earn his trust. Most of his original companions now lie in the grave.

Dwelf Gardener - Alnya

Dwelves tend to be good gardeners, but Alia is exceptionally talented. Despite her own expansive gardens, she cheerfully takes time to teach others her cultivation tricks. Most people don’t know of her pet chameleon, as Chervil is rather shy and tends to hide when others are nearby.

Courier – Varlyrio

A very dangerous career for youngsters on the streets in Varlyrio. Those with quick minds and daring personalities can make a comfortable living through their efforts. Failure, and even success, can well prove fatal for those not able to handle the layered intrigues of the island.

Dwarven Spearman – Mitgardia

Solid and steadfast. Dwarves brave enough to select a weapon besides the axe have more than enough skill to back up their decision against naysayers.

Fairy – Avalonia

The Enchanted Forest is home to many unique races. Those with no ill intentions have little to fear from these small folk, but they’re more than capable of defending themselves from outside threats.

Confectioner – Varylrio

Creator of scrumptious baked goods. Signe ‘s shop is always packed, and many take detours just to pass by and enjoy the fragrant scents drifting from her ovens into the street.

Mercenary Commander – Kaliphlin

Possessor of a sharp blade, and even sharper tongue. Rose through the ranks of the Phoenix mercenary organization to become one of their commanders.

Chicken Farmer – Mitgardia

The harsh weather of Mitgardia makes raising livestock an extra challenge. Annette takes excellent care of all her hens and makes a tidy profit on their large eggs.

Goblin Fisherman - Nocturnus

A cheerful individual despite the inherent dangers of fishing in Nocturnus – you never know what sort of creature you might catch! Always accompanied by his crab friend, Klar. The pair of them are experts at scampering to safety or quickly cutting the line when especially perilous prey is hooked.

More photos can be found on Brickbuilt.

Thanks for looking, feedback always appreciated :dsweet:

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Great collection of figs.  The warrior wraith is my favorite and the forest ranger is very polished.  I like the torso of the chicken farmer.  I almost had a Noctunian mushroom farmer as well - your mushrooms are quite exotic!  I should do a Nocty build...

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Nice collection! I really like that stumpy mushroom (best seen on your website). I’ll have to try that! I think the gnome tinkerer is a cute idea too. Good variety of torsos - I assume that is Minecraft for your goblin, no?

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Nice collection!

My favs are Goblin Fisherman, Mercenary Commander, Forest Ranger, Warrior Wraith and Master Swordsman

Thanks for sharing! :thumbup:

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Several great ideas and unique combinations, the way the goblin fisherman's lobster is the same color as his skin is really neat!  The back of the shirt that you used for the confectioner is perfect, I'd never noticed how well that torso does backwards before!  The warrior wraith, elderly lady, and mercenary commander are also favorites of mine.

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Very nice!  I like the dwelf gardner, dwarven spearman, and the confectioner the best.

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How great! I think the Warrior Wraith is my favourite : he really looks both menacing and jaded, which perfectly fits his description! I like the fairy too, her choice of parts are excellent.

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Nice collection of figs! Seems like you are rebuilding a sizeable collection of fig parts again :wink:

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