Nexo Knights Axl's Torso disassembly

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Hi everybody,

Hopefully I'm in the right section.
So, I don't own an Axl from Nexo Knights and after looking at the images online, it looks like his torso is made of two parts: one minifigure torso, and the top bit that attaches to it.

Could anybody take a photo of the inside of the torso for me?
I am very curious, I wonder if the two parts can be separated. If so, I hope the print on the bottom part covers the full torso, I'd like to use it to make a normal-sized Axl.


Since I posted this, I have bought an Axl myself, and I can confirm that the piece does not attach through the arm holes. I believe it is glued at this point, but I am not interested in breaking it for confirmation.
I can post specific photos if requested.

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You are right, it is indeed an assembly of two parts. However, they are glued together, so there isn't really a non-destructive way of separating them that I've ever seen. As for the print on the torso, I wouldn't expect there to be much more than what we can already see, so I'm afraid you might be out of luck. It would be interesting to see it deconstructed though, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone has done so. If anyone else knows, feel free to share it here!

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Yeah, I thought that more than glued, the top might attach to both the arm holes of the bottom, in a way that is not possible to separate them. This is why I was curious to see a photo from the bottom mostly.
If anyone has separated the two parts, even in a distructive way, I'd be very interested to see! Even just out of curiosity.

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