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Capt Wolf

[OKT] Annual Oktoberfest mini-challenge - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

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It's that time of year again: time for Oktoberfest!

The annual BoBS Oktoberfest celebration features food and drink, contests of skill, games and amusements, traditional/historical costumes, food and drink (did we mention food and drink?), and more!


This year the Eslandolan Oktoberfest celebration again takes place in the town of Punto Sur on Maldria in the New Haven Sea. Last year saw the settlement grow from a frontier outpost to a bustling town with denizens from all the factions of the Brick Seas.

As you can tell from Punto Sur’s original trading post (and the cast of characters pictured above), the town has a Classic Pirates aesthetic. As such, all entries should have a Classic Pirates vibe of some sort, and appear fitting with a Classic Pirates port town, either in traditional 1989 form or updated for 2021 style and techniques.

This year also poses a question: Where do all those partying minifigs live? We always see the visiting sailors who are ready for shore leave, but what about the locals -- the merchants and craftsmen and dock hands and fishermen? Do they live in rustic rural homes, colorful urban row houses, sprawling tropical villas, or something else?


Your entry should show an Oktoberfest activity in Punto Sur, with an emphasis on the permanent residents of such a growing colonial outpost. Show residents taking part in the festivities while making a new home for themselves in the islands. Entries must be licensable properties. Players may submit as many entries as they want, but may only win one prize per category.

In addition to posting your entry in the forum (ideally with a [OKT] tag in the title), please post a link to your build in this thread and in the Punto Sur settlement thread. Entries must be posted by October 31.


There are two categories this year: Residences, and All Other property types (Artisan, Commerce, Factory, Education, and Culture properties combined). Identify what category you're entering when you post your entry. Entries will be judged on presentation, quality of build, story, fit with Punto Sur's architectural style (Classic Pirate, both retro and modern), and fit with the Oktoberfest/festival theme. The only size requirement is a 16x16 minimum.


The top three entries in each category will win a free property license (large/medium small for first/second/third place), to be activated by microbuild, usable only in the New Haven Sea.

Builders will also be reimbursed for licensing costs for any property licensed through the EGS, or Capt Wolf will purchase (at 2x the license cost) any property a builder does not wish to license.


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[SR- OKT] Ayuntamiento, Punto Sur


Licensed as an Art and Culture: Large Townhall



51583833947_2afa96e8b0_b.jpgSUR 03 by Philippe, auf Flickr


Edited by NOD

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Oktoberfest judging is complete! And the judges had a tough time with a couple of the decisions, as you will discover shortly.

I'd like to commend all the participants for staying true to the Oktoberfest theme, the island setting, and the Classic Pirates aesthetic. All the entries were well conceived and executed. Well done! :pir-huzzah2:

Now to the prizes:

In the Residences category, first place and a large property license to be activated by microbuild goes to @omnihash_cz for Westward Square.


The judges thought the race for second place was too close to call, so we have a tie! Both @evancelt and @CapOnBOBS win a medium property license to be activated by microbuild, for their Oktoberfest Joust and Farmstead, respectively.



In the Other Property Types category, the judges again couldn't discern a clear winner, so we have another tie! Both @NOD and @Professor Thaum  win a large property license to be activated by microbuild, for their Large Townhall and Eat at Oggy's MOCs, respectively.

The judges did note that, if either if these entries had a monkey, it would have won outright! :monkey:


Remember that the license prizes can only be used in the New Haven Sea region, and should be used before the end of January.


Thanks again to everyone who entered, and congrats to all! :pir-huzzah2:

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That was a fun competition. Thanks to all who participated. I am happy that everyone has won something. :pir-huzzah2:

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