[MOC] Navistar

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All right, I've sat on these for a really long time, so it's time I start posting them.  In all honesty, I'm never actually going to make sails for this one, so now that I finally printed a nameplate for her, it's time to reveal her to the world.  Behold!  The unarmed merchantman Navistar!

Let me first make the disclaimer, I am by no means a photographer.  The light is bad in these, but there's not really anywhere in my house that would be better, so sorry if some of the pictures aren't that great.

Anyway, she comes with a rather thin but still existent captain's cabin, a small galley for actually cooking food, and rather decent crew accommodations- except that they have to hot bunk it.  Gotta save room for that precious cargo, you know?  She sports a paint scheme similar to the warships that I've built, and has dummy ports painted onto her sides in an effort to dissuade pirates or redcoats from attacking her.  The figurehead I think I took off of my 3-in-1 creator ship, but I don't really remember clearly.  Wherever it came from, I didn't come up with it on my own.

I hope you all like her!



There is a mysterious passenger aboard who keeps staring into the distance ahead...


"Don't go blaming this on me!  I know I said we needed to set sail as soon as possible, but I didn't think it would be possible to do so without SAILS!  How did we even get out here?"








Clear side view showing the dummy ports and hull lines.


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Nice little ship. The available space was optimally used. I like that the name of the ship is written on it. Good construction and good description with lots of details.

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Great medium sized ship, I love it! With very nice interior detail as well! I would love to see her with some sails... Simply cut from paper? Brown packing paper?

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I have fabric and all to make proper sails.

I'm just really lazy about it.  In the past, I've done paper sails, but I really hated the end result.  Maybe someday I'll get off my butt and do them.

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