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EBRP Faction Summary thread

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First of all, I'd like to say that this thread is for information regarding factions ONLY! Posts in this thread will only be added by me (Khorne), WhiteFang, and imperialshadows! All other posts will be deleted! Discussion should be done in the EBRP Discussion Thread!

Now that I've said that, on to the real purpose of this thread :classic: . This thread will contain every bit of RP'ed information regarding the factions of the EBRP. Each post made in this thread will represent one faction, so there will be 21 posts in total. In these posts you will find out who's the king of a certain faction, his family, etc. There will be a list of player characters belonging to this faction and a list of important places. It will be a summary containing the most important information so it will be easier for new players to gain up on all the information instead of going through 20+ pages :tongue: .

Last, I'd like to say that this is still BETA, it may be subject to changes in the future. Plus, don't expect this to be up and running in just a few days, there is A LOT of info to be gathered :tongue: .


Factions contained in this thread:


Lion Knights

Royal Knights

Knights Kingdom


Scorpion Knights *

Black Falcons

Dragon Masters

Black Knights *

Fright Knights

Bull Knights


Forestmen *

Dark Forest


Crown Knights






Factions marked with an aterix (*) have received their respective post.

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Black Knights Kingdom


EBRP Players in Black Knights Kingdom

1) WhiteFang

General Information

Capital: Aldresgate

Region: Odessa

Palace: Majestic Tower

Location: L 13

History of Black Knights Kingdom...

Black Knights Kingdom, home to mighty heroes who had ended the Dark Age, is well known for its rich and fertile soil. It is filled with dense forests which had trees rumored to have roots seeping to the heart of the earth, branches reaching the seventh heaven clouds and fruitful throughout the four seasons. Mountains and hills that touch the sky, said to be casting shadows over the clouds filled the rest of the land.

100 years ago, there are known as the Southern Sky, which allies together with Northern Sky, and now are known as Dragon Masters Kingdom. Both kingdoms enjoy peace and prosperity for many generations. Little information is revealed as to why both titles are not used anymore.

Black Knights Kingdom’s military formation has been going through major re-structuring for the past few years, after the “Borders War” which has caused devastating damage to its kingdom during the Dark Age. King Arthur, Lord Hector and Master Wizard Pent, are the ones whom formally establish the Five Forces to protect their Kingdom. In addition, School of Knights’ Master plan was formulated by Master Pent. These three persons helped to strengthen the kingdom’s power, and strike fear to its nemesis.

Black Knight's Monarchy Government

King/Ruler: Nexus Mac Arthur

Queen: Sophia Lintel

Prime Minister/Chief Advisor: Master Wizard, Pent Heartstorm

Royal Family

Crown Prince/King's heir: Sam Mac Arthur

Prince: Tristan Mac Arthur

Princess: Diana Mac Arthur

Black Knight's Military Formation

Imperial Guards

About: Imperial Guards primary objective is to protect and ensure the safety of their King, Queen, Prime Minister and members of the Royal Family. Imperial Guards are made up of elite soldiers that are selected from all forces that are sworn to protect their safety with their lives.

Commander: Lord Hector Valise

Vice Commander: Lord Gusto Atari

Platoon Commander: Flynt Caraway

White Fang Force

About: White Fang primary objective is to ensure the safety within the Capital radius and defend the Eastern borders of Black Knights Kingdom. White Fang are mostly made up of elite archers that are trained to support all forces in battles.

Commander: Lord Kenneth Valise

Vice Commander: Sir Percival Ranting

Secretary Advisor: Lady Kristine Valise

Platoon Commander: Master Archer, Kendrick Helix

Red Valiant Force

About: Red Valiant primary objective is to strike fear against its enemies by being the first wave in battle and defend the Northern Borders of Black Knights Kingdom. Red Valiant is mostly made up of elite spearmen that are trained to be the ones to be the cream of the crops to eliminate the enemies in the battlegrounds.

Commander: Lord Calvin Kestrel

Vice Commander: Sir Jonathan Kline

Secretary Advisor: Sir Colin Mathis

Platoon Commander: Master Ranger, Karen Lyses

Trainee Knight: Lee Dawn

Blue Blaze Force

About: Blue Blaze primary objective is the second fighting force that assists Red Valiant in battles and defends the Western Borders of Black Knights Kingdom. Blue Blaze is mostly made up of elite swordsmen and spearmen that are brave and strong to strike fear and terror to their enemies.

Commander: Prince Sam Mac Arthur

Black Shards Force

About: Black Shards primary objective is the third fighting force that will be the reinforcements for all fighting forces, control the borders’ patrols for all regions and defend the Southern Borders of Black Knights Kingdom. Black Shards is mostly made up of elite cavalries, axe men and swordsmen that are well versed in battles and take care of all kingdom borders.

Commander: Lord Jason McNeal

Vice Commander/Advisor: Sir Lance Vanfossen

Other Characters

1) Erik Heartstorm



1) Daryl Petrik

2) Samson Petrik

Black Knights Kingdom Regions

Odessa Region: M13, L13, K13

Places of Interest

1) L 13 Majestic Tower

2) L 13 White Fang Fortress

3) L 13 Valise Residence

4) L 13 Glory Grounds

5) L 13 School of Knights

6) L 13 Imperial Tavern

7) L 13 One Leg Tavern

8) L 13 Eden Garden

9) K 13 (Former) Lost Tavern

10) K 13 Mount Sophia

11) K 13 Neb Monastery


Keala Region: M10, M11, L11, K11

Places of Interest

1) L 11 Red Valiant Fortress

2) L 11 Garsmar Bridge

3) M 11 Oldennock Woods


Lenore Region: K12, L12, M12

Places of Interest

1) K 12 Blue Blaze Fortress

2) K 12 Garsmar Gorge


Danica Region: M14, L14, L15, K14

Places of Interest

1) L 14 Green Valley


Silvana Region: J12, J13, J14, I13, I14

Places of Interest

1) J 14 Black Shards Fortress

2) J 14 Nexus Plains


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Kingdom of Ankoria (KKII Scorpion Knights)


EBRP Players in Kingdom of Ankoria

1) KhoRne

General Information

Capital: Ozora

Region: Eastern part of Ankoria, at the mouth of the delta of the Great River

Palace: not yet stated

Location: P 6

History of Kingdom of Ankoria...

Ankoria is a desert land where harsh storms batter the people and damage the buildings. Life is hard, but in some places, where the desert recedes, life can be pleasant. There is one great river in Ankoria which provides ample farmland for the cities based around it. It also allows a good deal of trade to pass down it to the interior.

Ankoria stretches from the western World’s End Ocean to the Dragontail mountains in the east and south. It goes into deep jungles in the high north where it is ultimately limited by the Inner Sea.

It is currently ruled by the Scorpion King and his Grand Council. This used to be different however. In a time, now long ago, there was no such thing as a Kingdom of Ankoria. The lands where the kingdom is now situated was divided into many different kingdoms and citystates. It was the Great Scorpion King Ankor of Ozora who conquered the citystates surrounding the Great River and who laid the basic foundations of the Kingdom of Ankoria, named in his hounour.

The kingdom continued to expand through the efforts of Ankor’s offspring until it was at about its current size. Ankoria greatly prospered under the rule of Scorpion King Khesek who built many great watchtowers delineating the borders of his Kingdom. Things changed however, when the King died with no son to take his place. The many nobles and petty princes started infighting on who was worthy enough to take the King’s place. Soon, Ankoria was engulfed by civil war which raged on for three years. Its end was finaly marked by the conquest of Ankoria by the Dragon Masters.

For years, Ankoria was no more than a province of the Dragon Masters.

After a hundred years of opression by the Dragon Masters, a man named Nekhesh rose up and rallied his people to his cause. Marching under the outlawed banner of the Scorpion they ousted the Dragon Masters and proved yet again that even a tiny creature like a scorpion can deal tremendous pain.

Together with the outlander Aquartos, he took control of Ankoria and marched on Dragonskeep. There the glorious warriors of the Scorpion King waged bloody battle for ten days and ten nights until the opponent came up with a treaty which called for an immediate truce and recognised Nekhesh as the official King and Ruler of the reborn Ankoria.

After the Great War, Nekhesh immediatly began reorginazing his victorious country. Everything that reminded the people of the Dragon Masters was destroyed and many name temples were raised in the name of the Scorpion and its embodiment on Earth: the Scorpion King. Ankoria was ruled with an iron fist and a strong sense of nationalism and loyalty to the King was instilled on its people to prevent such a great disaster again. The Ankorians were the oldest civilization in the world, it was their fate to rule the others, not to be ruled by the others.

Ankorian Monarchy Government

King/Ruler: the Scorpion King (current ruler name not yet given)

Queen: unknown

Prime Minister/Chief Advisor: unknown

Royal Family

Crown Prince/King's heir: unknown

Prince: unknown

Princess: unknown

Ankorian Military Formation

Largely unknown although reports have been known to state that large Ankorian armies often include outlandish, exotic animals found only in Ankoria such as the large, gray hued olifant, found mainly in the Totumba Jungle and the Serengetti Savannah, and man sized scorpions, revered in a same way as the Dragon Masters' dragons.

Other Characters

1) Salih Bey, ruler of Lashiek

2) Ptah, royal scribe

3) Abu Reis



Kingdom of Ankoria Regions

Totumbu Jungle: N6, O6

Places of Interest


Mahktesh Gadol Desert: M5, M6, N7, N8, O8, O9

Places of Interest

1) M5 Lashiek, city of corsairs

2) O9 Hegathe

Serengetti Savannah: N6, N7, O6, O7

Places of Interest


Eastern Delta: P6, P7

Places of Interest

1) P6 Great City of Ozora

2) Fire Mountain

Dragontail Mountains: along the entire western and southern Ankorian border

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Forestmen Kingdom


EBRP Players in Forestmen Kingdom

1) ImperialScouts

2) DNL

3) WhiteFang

General Information

Capital: unknown

Region: unknown

Palace: unknown

Location: H 23

History of Forestmen Kingdom...

Forestmen Kingdom, where is the home of the mighty archers. Their archery skills are remarkable and deadly through out the lands. Filled with dense magical forest in most regions, there is always a sense of mysterious feeling among them. Many travelers tried to enter into its territories, hoping to learn their art of archery. Some became successful, some met with mishaps.

Forestmen Kingdom is known to be affiliated to the unknown Elves Kingdom, which resided near its eastern borders. Little information is reveal on their kingdoms' relations. From the Northern borders, lay the Dark Forest Kingdom. Both Kingdoms originally belong to one family hundred of years ago. It was due to two great leaders' difference, which eventually separate them to different ways, by forming a faction of their own.

As Forestmen Kingdom believed in giving and protecting others, while Dark Forest Kingdom believed in plundering and robbing. Both kingdoms are always in bad relations, and there were a few borders incidents over the years among both armies.

Forestmen Kingdom, function itself by dividing its 5 regions into 5 main clans, making sure peace will reign through out its regions. Very few information are known to outsiders. In order to understand their way of life, they must enter and experience it themselves.

Forestmen's Monarchy Government

King/Ruler: unknown

Queen: unknown

Prime Minister/Chief Advisor: unknown

Royal Family

Crown Prince/King's heir: unknown

Prince: unknown

Princess: unknown

Forestmen's Military Formation

Forestmen military formation is not transparent unlike other kingdoms. It seemed each clan has their army of their own. Their army main strength comes from their archers whom are recruited from forest villages since young.

The Clans armies will have to report to the Capital, where the central government is located. There are many more mysterious powers, hiding in their forest, preventing the known world from detecting it.

Each Clan seemed to have something unique and special that protects the kingdom from danger.

Other Characters

1) Siloux de Fraun

2) Cecil de Nifoux

3) Phegy Irmisheh

4) Sage Seth Oswald




Forestmen Kingdom Regions

Unknown Region: H23, I23, H24

Places of Interest


Unknown Region: F21, F22, G21, G22

Places of Interest


Unknown Region: H21, H22, I21, I22, J21, J22

Places of Interest


Unknown Region: F23, G23, F24, G24

Places of Interest


Unknown Region: F25, G25, H25, G26

Places of Interest


Unknown Region: K22, J23, K23, J24

Places of Interest


Unknown Region: L22, L23, M23, K24, L24, M24

Places of Interest


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