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[MOC] 42099+42110 Defender RC conversion (Control+)

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Good day, everyone!


This project has started as an idea of creating better a bodywork for 42099, but after some time in development 

it turned into undependent rc modification of Defender 42110. 


I took inspiration from Bowler WildCat and Bowler Nemesis which are extreme buggy-like offroaders based on Land Rover cars. So I pondered the question, What if... new Defender would be made into Bowler?


In result - original defender has become lower, has got lower roof profile, bigger tires, front and rear pushbars, snorkel pipe, stronger footrests, two sets of additional lights and fog lights, antennas, front and rear mudguards, some chains ('cause chains are cool!). 




Engine was swapped from 6-inline to V8-supercharged! (After I made this model in spring, LR has announced that they will actually make a V8 Defender. Sadly, not supercharged :)

Engine and cooling fan are connected to the front axle via chain links. (Yes, chains ARE cool. I had to buy whole Ducati set for this)


And the most important - Control+ components. As this Bow-fender shares control profile with 42099, set of electrics is the same.

One XL+ for each axle

One L+ for steering

SmartHub for SmartThings


And then I found out that I am... well... not really good in making offroad chassis. At least it was my first try. So I tuned it as much as possible and made a note for future to learn more about lego offroading. (I think, I'll start with Zetros).


Video of how this Bow-fender drives on everything it can is of course here: 


Watch till the very end!  And Thanks for watching. Subscribe.

P.S. This cat was walking nearby, while I was making video, so I asked him to participate. So there is A cat in the video now, instead of THE Cat - erpillar :)



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Wow, now it looks not only as amazing shelf (and manual play for sure) model but also a really offroad badass! I love it, great supercharged mod! 

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