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Here's the Story:

I work in a small secondhand Lego store. in our capital. The boss got a new display and placed it on my desk. He wanted to put there the exclusive Minifigures, from 75290, 76178, and 71741. But the top of it was a mess, and he asked me if I can build something on the top of it, to hide the ugly part. I was thinking, and came up, with a joke idea. I asked him: "How bout, our Sacred Crown?" As I finished the sentence, I already regret it. :D He liked the idea, and told me: "Great idea, and good luck!".

And here it is:


The history of the crown says: it was put together, from two crowns. The rim (lower circle) corona graeca, and the cross straps corona latina.

The rim got 16 panels, half of the panels got huge gems and the other eight got... well... I run out of saints in the store but got a buttload of Minifigures from various themes, so I decided, to put them in the icons, instead of the saints. 

The cross straps also got eight panels, which contains also eight saints, and they were also replaced with figures from Lego themes. :D

The cross on the top of the crown got damaged and got a bend in that way.

Hope you liked it. C&C are welcome, and if you visit Hungary, don't forget to visit me in my store, and be amazed by this magnificent work of art. :)

More pictures

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Very nice!  I particularly like the use of random minifigures rather than making ones specially - it adds a nice creative touch.

 I’ve been to Budapest and it’s a beautiful city.  My aunt and uncle live there and speak the language fluently - my uncle is actually the founder and chair of the Wine Society of Budapest...

Anyway, beautiful MOC and I’m sure something that many will recognise on passing the shop window!

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