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bridge & waterfront for the city

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Hello there,

there is again an update to my digital LEGO city. This time I dared to bring some water into the city. I have long thought about how I want to design the water. My final result is a design with transparent tiles. To make the riverside a bit more appealing and above all usable for a city, I also built a walk near the water with a retaining wall directly next to the beginning of the bridge over the river.
But have a look at the current progress in the update video or in the pictures below.

Have fun



Here you can see the new part of the city with the bridge and the wall for the walk downstairs.



The detail from the river side the bridge and the promenade with stairway to the street. At the edge of the river the water beats lightly against the wall and some water lilies and plant remains collect here.


bridge & riverside for the city

Finally, the overview of the new modules with bridge approach and retaining wall. The delivery truck is inspired by a well-known company and should further support the US character of the city.

I hope you enjoyed the update.

Feel free to write me if you have any other ideas or suggestions for improvement.



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Gorgeous. And while I know you're not using them, but just looking at your work makes me think those new road plates might make it much easier to make elevated roadways and bridges. 

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