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Pato Sentado

[REVIEW] 1980 Legoland 6363 Auto Repair Shop

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This set is very special for me, as it is the oldest I have and it was given to me when my young brother was born.

I still had as 80% of the pieces, including the original stickers and minifig. I noticed the review is missing in the pictorial review list.

To complete the set I got the missing pieces at Pickabrick in Lego official shop. Some of them are not in the list or not in the old colours.

Original box from Brickinstructions:


Here my pictures:


The vehicle:



The vehicle is a quite crude 4stud wide little truck. I said crude because in my later fire station set, trucks have a purpose built radiator piece and mudguards, and this has not both of them, radiator and mudguards are made by pure bricks only. It is quite sturdy to be played by an 5year old kid (tested with real kid).

The building:




The building also shows its age. Baseplates are quite big and different from normal plates, as the underside is no functional. Their colour has been altered by sun and time.

The minifig is original, face was redrawn by my father, he is angry because 80% of mechanics we know are always angry. :D. White details are long gone.

The building is small and very functional, with a lot of access to both office and working area. Office ceiling is no longer made in black so I opted for this solution.

Decals are paper, not plastic covered as later, and they really show their age and use.

Thanks for reading

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A lot of people just think Bigger is better.. that's not truth...

It's not easy to design something like this - using less pieces of Lego to create something looks reality

That's good to see these sets back!

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Nice review of a classic set. Everything is there, and leave plenty for the 5 year old to imagine.

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I have this set, would go well with yours.  Got used in a bulk bricks order.  Little out of scale with the rest of my sets, but worth having a place in my city.



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