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Ross Fisher

[OL - CH IV - Micro Reward] Nola Mar Warehouse

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"A warehouse?" asked the scribe. "Why do we need that?"
"Becoss," replied the Chapter Master, "Nola Mar iss now ze hub of all trade beyont Terrawersa for anywunn who hass annoyt ze Terrawersans. Ve cannot be neglectink ziss important asset."
"You honestly think it'll make the Order money?" he asked, skeptically.
"Jawohl," replied Von Braun, "it cannot fail."
"I'll ask the big man for the funds." answered Gallo.

Nola Mar Warehouse

I had plans for a cute little warehouse, in homage the the port buildings in Greedfall:


Not sure I nailed the design. The more tweaks I made, the larger it had to get. In the end, it seemed smartest to leave it as is. 

Edited by Ross Fisher

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Looks cute! Definitely not the same as the source but honestly that doesn't matter in this case :P.

Smart part usage to make those pulleys at the side! 

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I like the shape of the building and the pulley usage. The gray roof on the red building isn't doing it for me though - I think if it was all dark bley instead of light bley mixed in it would look better with the red maybe?

Edited by evancelt

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