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Concept: LEGO No Man's Sky

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Synopsis: Two of the my favourite Scifi ideas ever created - LEGO Classic Space and No Man's Sky. I grew up with the former from the very beginning (yes I am that old) and jumped on board the NMS hype train from the outset (actually from a musical stance of the the game - 65DOS, who wrote the entire score, have been one of my favourite bands for years).

I was always impressed with the procedural aspect of NMS including the possiible numerous ship designs one encountered throughout my gaming experience, which was the source inspiration of the modular LEGO spaceship build I designed several years back. Granted, the initial NMS hype train led to a disasterous launch and a bitter aftertaste for most, but I have always been a fan of it; I stuck by it from the beginning, and have been constantly amazed at the content delivered over the years.... I digress..

..Cut to the long winded chase..

One of my ultimate visions would be that LEGO and Hello Games could/would(?) collaborate together to produce wonderful modular interpretations of the NMS starfighters  - HG did introduce the Normandy from Mass Effect in one of it's updates just as an FYI...

This has been my goal from the start of my MOC venture. Granted my designs are not the greatest on the planet and could do with a lot more greebling, simplicity blah blah, but I seriously think that a toy company that has encouraged and inspired decades of imagination through - lets face it - a physical procedural medium, and a game that is literally built on a procedural algorithm to generate numerous wonderful worlds/ships etc, should be able to collaborate to bring forth some wonderful LEGO builds.


Here's something I revisited and redesigned from an idea a few years back that I hope might spark some interest:


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