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Bringing the firestation to town; digital city project

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Hello there,

after the summer break I finally continue with the digital city project. This time I brought the fire station into the city. This lines up directly with the bookstore and completes the block of houses.
I also continued to expand the street system. A new crossing was added and the side street by the fire station is also new.
To make the expansion look a bit more lively, some new minifigures have also found their way into the city.
This time I also tried a new tree building technique that I had seen on the Internet.

Again, there is an update video of the construction. I would be very happy if you would stop by my youtube channel

I packed the current pictures of the construction progress below the video and add a short explanation to each picture.



city overview

At first the complete overview of the current city layout. Newly added is the building of the fire station, as well as the intersection on the far right and the side street.


fire station expansion

Here you can see the current expansion with the fire station and the new roads. All new minifigures and the greened mid strip are also well visible.



Here in detail the new trees from technic connectors in different angles. The trees are optimal especially in narrow places.


I hope you enjoyed the update of the construction progress.
Feel free to let me know.
Also, feel free to write me what I can improve or otherwise include in the city.


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