2022 snowtrooper battle pack mock-up

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Alright, so the snowtrooper battle pack leaked, and I thought I'd try to replicate it from the description. We've got this to go off of: "3 snowtrooper, 1 hoth scout trooper, speeder bike, E-web blaster, Snow Wall, Minifigure Stand, 105 pieces, $19.99". From the stand and the fact that they later confirmed normal blasters, I think it might be a UCS AT-AT tie-in. I almost doubt the part count, as having all that for 105 pieces is rough, and seems small even for lego.



Here's the pack posed like the front of the box art could be, and here's the image of the figures on the stand with everything included:


The stand is meant to be something that could connect to the UCS stands, which are apparently pretty basic as far as the figure stand part goes. It was tough to get this as exactly 105 pieces...and to be honest, the snowtroopers are missing their backpacks and kamas, meaning this design would actually be 117 pieces... 

Between this and the fact that even as-is, it still feels like a $15 battle pack, I'm almost thinking the part count might be innaccurate. Even if you remove the figure stand (at a whopping 4 parts), I'm not sure how you could get the speeder, e-web, figs, and snow wall to be 105 parts total.

Is this what you think it looks like? Am I crazy, and it could totally work at 105 pieces? Will it actually just be a brick-built gonk droid?

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That looks very decent, and definitely what I imagined when I read the description.

Nice job :sweet::thumbup:


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