[Mini Challenge - September 2021] Faction Flavours! - RESULTS POSTED!!

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1 minute ago, Garmadon said:

Yes, congrats!  And I don't think there'd be any trouble with you just using the licence on a full-size vessel instead of a microbuild if you'd like to :thumbup: ...but just so happens I may be able to offer you something better :pir-grin: :pir_laugh2:

I may or may not have a half finished micro-ship lying on my desk that was meant for the Terraversa challenge and that I was hoping to licence for Captain Nordau with the free micro-ship prize for participation which now I have no way to licence :innocent:  ...so I'd be happy to buy your prize off of you for the price of a Class 3 ship and a half (300 DBs) which would leave you 100 left over after licencing your Class 3 and make me able to get Captain Nordau back on the seas again too if that sounds good to you!  Go ahead and shoot me a PM if you want and we can talk over the details :pir-classic: :pir-huzzah2:

That's fine by me!

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I'm grateful to have won. It was a fun mini challenge, with many cool and impressive builds. I really enjoyed seeing all the different approaches.:pir-grin:

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