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REVIEW: 76177 Battle at the Ancient Village

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Here is my review on 76177 Battle at the Ancient Village:


  • The Ten Rings effect.
  • The Dragon head and tail are nice.
  • Good selection of characters in minifigure form.


  • Nothing representing the village in set title.
  • Dragon body looks more like a snake due to it's too narrow.
  • Price is a bit high considering the volume of the set.

Overall, it's a set for MCU fans.  The idea of a dragon build like this is nice but apart from the head and tail it's too thin to be a dragon.  Being called Battle at Ancient Village but no parts to portrait a village also raises questions.  Having said that, getting 4 different characters from the MCU in one set is nice, the quality of print are great too.  The highlight is definitely the ten rings for me, although you can only get 6 rings in this set.  (Time to go Bricks & Pieces to complete the ten rings) This does feel like the designer has a nice idea but budget/pricing target constraints not allowing the best possible execution of this.  And yes, this is a pricy set.  I wish it's $20NZD cheaper.  I will recommend this set if you are MCU fans like me otherwise you may not find this set interesting or worth your money,.

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