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51406049920_9157197963_c.jpg01 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr

Hello, Bozos! 

You can support Johnny 5 on Lego Ideas to turn him into an Official Johnny 5 Lego Set here: Johnny 5 on Lego Ideas

Who is Johnny 5?

Those who don’t know him,  Johnny 5, also known as “S-A-I-N-T Prototype Number 5” or Number 5 for short, is a very lively and inquisitive military robot prototype who’s perpetually hungry for more “input”. He is the star of the 1980’s movies Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2 and a TV special called Hot Cars. He became sentient when he was luckily struck by lightning during a combat demonstration. 
Although he is designed to serve the military as a robot prototype, he has an adorable child-like behaviour and has a great respect for life. He is a peace-loving robot and refuses to use his military capabilities to harm others. Despite being very intelligent and inventive, his naivety and trusting nature has been taken advantaged of on several occasions.


This model is fully motorised using Powered Up motors and hub and controlled through a mobile device using the Powered UP App. It uses Technic parts to ensure stability of the structure, and System parts to capture the look and form of Johnny 5.
The following are the playable features of the model:
Movement – This model can move around on tank tracks and uses skid steer to change directions.
Body – Johnny 5’s body can tilt using a Powered Up L motor and controlled using a mobile.
Arms – Arms can be raised and lowered individually using the Powered Up App. The fingers can be adjusted manually as well as the elbows.
Head – The head can be tilted and turned using the Powered Up App.
Eyebrows – Eyebrows can be manually adjusted to suit the desired facial expression.
Laser – The laser at the back can be raised and lowered using the Powered Up App.

Watch the YouTube video here to illustrate these functions better: Johnny 5 on Youtube
Total Pieces: 2,711
Studs: W 68.4 x L 36.1 x H 73.5
Inch: W 21.5 x L 11.4 x H 23.2
cm: W 54.7 x L 28.9 x H 58.8
Weight: 99.8 ounces or 2.83 kg

Johnny 5 MOC Pictures:

51405827549_8e025227a3_c.jpg02 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr

51405071001_c65af7da7e_c.jpg03 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr

51405827464_189ba6407f_c.jpg06 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr

51405827474_f415329409_c.jpg05 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr

51404320817_87ec40d341_c.jpg04 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr

51405827434_1fb96cd6e7_c.jpg07 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr

51405070901_fe31d64627_c.jpg08 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr

51405339943_7f1aaa6f5d_c.jpg09 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr

51404320687_d33f625b42_c.jpg10 by RJ BrickBuilds, on Flickr


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