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Brick Cassette

REVIEW: Bubblegum Chewer from TheMinifigCo.

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I came here to chew bubblegum and kick a**, but im all out of bubblegum. by Brick Cassette, on Flickr

Hello AFOLs! Back in 2019 TheMinifigCo. (TMC next, the guys who making custom printed minifigures torsos, legs and so on) made wonderful set with minifigure and some stuff based on They Live (1988) by John Carpenter. They Live is an interesting film without present special effects, CGI, 4k picture but everybody likes it for story, atmosphere, and message from director to auditory. My bad because I make this review after 2 years release of this set but TMC still selling it and you can make your buying decision after my review. The Bubblegum Chewer cost $25 and I suppose it’s good price for pad printed minifigures which making limited.

Set came to me in good transparent blister. If you don't want to open it (as many collectors do) you can put it somewhere and don’t afraid that something bad happen with your minifigures.

51404290391_8082d03dbc_c.jpg 51404552268_b8c2e51f71_c.jpg

What we got here? Card! I like it! Useless thing but shows for what I spent 25 bucks. This is not an official LEGO product – legend on back side.

51404290321_628ca15d05_c.jpg 51404552193_9271d0b1db_c.jpg

The most important part of this set – minifigure of Bubblegum Chewer aka George Nada aka Roddy Pipper. Good quality prints, nice stylization, the figure blend with other LEGO minifigures and it’s very cool!  By the way, head consist two sided with prints, first with glasses, the second one without.

51404290121_495871c8d7_c.jpg 51404551993_d55d3aa2de_c.jpg 

51403540442_863f3325fb_c.jpg 51403540487_5536e1ab3e_c.jpg 


Also we got 6 custom printed tiles, 1 1x10 black color plate, black color shotgun from Brickarms, 3 heads of impersonator (or aliens). Using this stuff from set and black white filter, you can create scenes like in film.

51404552138_9667b317bb_c.jpg 51404290201_617fd52cb9_c.jpg


What do you think about this set? Leave your comments I really want to know your opinion. Thanks. :classic:


What’s your problem? I said what’s your problem? by Brick Cassette, on Flickr


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