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[MOC] Nano city (game district) and some vehicles (updated 2021-09-19)

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The city of Nano (Nano-shi, 七市), also called district-7.

The police is just patrolling the streets of the game district:

51394055612_0f285e565b_c.jpgNano-shi (七市) - game district


The district-7 police department, officer Shinjiro and his android partner KeiRo in front of their police car of the Mobile Patrol Force.

The police car is inspired by Syd Mead his sketches for Blade runner.

51395826755_509bfe2cf4_c.jpgDistrict-7 Police

Some more pictures of the police car:

51395544549_e5c772cd53_c.jpgDistrict-7 Police Car


Thanks for looking and let me know what you think (higher resolution pictures on flickr:

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Beautiful work all around. The buildings are simple but striking and the car just screams cyberpunk. It has a lot of detail but doesn't go overboard with it. Really makes me want to go watch Blade runner again. 

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@Alix Thanks for the reply, yeah I also have to rewatch it again sometimes for some inspiration.

I think I will create some more vehicles and maybe update the scene, or create an entirely new scene, I will keep the car for sure.

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@emersondan Thanks, I had it build for a long time, but figured it would fit this build and made the building around it, somewhat inspired by the building found in Akihabara.

I made a new vehicle and took a picture from another angle:

51442125607_75bd86daf6_c.jpgNano-shi (七市) - game district

And some more pictures of the Taxi:

51443130583_83b1c94d4b_c.jpgDistrict 7 Taxi

Edited by the Inventor

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@Lego David Thanks.

I made some more figs to inhabit the city:

51483727163_ece2081f3a_b.jpgDistrict 7 - A cyberpunk figbarf by Ids, on Flickr

From left to right:

A hunter of the shadow moon syndicate.

Random citizen
A VR idol junkie.

A waitress at a local restaurant.

Alicia Dyson
She lost her parents in the cyber uprising 12 years ago, currently living with her adoptive parents at the dojo and out for revenge on the hackers that caused the uprising at district 7.

Renji Murata
Son of the head of the Murata Electronics corporation (M-Tron). Training at the dojo he met Alicia and one day he noticed that she was being chased by some random thugs, luckily he could save her. When she told him what had happened, Renji decided to help her bring justice back to district 7. 

A fine mechanic, if he can’t fix it nobody can, also good in breaking stuff down.

A popular new Idol, has just released her first album, LinaLine.

Doc. Yamaguchi
He’s more interested in filling his pockets then helping the people, suspected of multiple synthetics drugs deals he has yet to be caught.

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