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REVIEW: 76201 Captain Carter VS The Hydra Stomper

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Here is my review on 76201 Captain Carter VS The Hydra Stomper:


  • Hydra Stomper looks better than in photos and surprisingly great build.
  • Excellent quality for the 3 minifigures.


  • Although the minifigures are great quality but I do wish Captain Carter is the one you've seen from series.  (Lego saved that one for the CMF)
  • Tesseract is too big for minifigures.
  • Can be $10 cheaper.

Overall, this set is better than what I originally expected.  At first I was disappointed that both What If? sets are mech but this one turned out to be great.  I think in terms of proporiton, this Hydra Stomper looks better compared to previous Hulk Busters type mech.  Just the colour a bit too bright compared to one you've seen in the animated series.  The way both arms and legs are built are also different to previous ones.  While the minifigures are excellent quality, the only disappointing thing is this Captain Carter does not comes with the original colour nor the unique hair style which you going to get in the upcoming CMF.  In fact, this version of Captain Carter never make an appearance in the episode. However, this set is good if the marvel What If? series appeals to you and I would recommend this set to any MCU fans and especially if you don't own any of the previous Hulk buster type mechs.

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