[MOC] Muppet weirdos - bust collection (Gonzo, Animal, and Beaker)

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Made a number of updates to my three Muppet busts, including new torso and arms for Beaker, new nose and torso for Gonzo, stronger arms for Animal. The earlier versions each had threads here, but hopefully these changes and the group photos are enough to warrant this new topic. Unfortunately they have been rejected by LEGO Ideas due to "IP conflict". Tried explaining Sesame Street was a completely different IP to The Muppet Show: different audience, location, characters, and even owned by separate companies. No luck, I’ll just have to wait for the Sesame Street license to expire and no longer be considered 'active' before trying again in a year or two, I guess. 









More on Flickr:

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Ha! These are great! You nailed them!

Beaker is my favorite. Excellent execution! 

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Well done. Instantly recognizable. Beaker and Pepe were always my favorites as a kid. So you nailed that one for sure.

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