Stn. Sharapova Okhota model

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Okay so, this is a special one for me. This railway station, stuck in between Stn. Luch (Beam) and 97th kilometer is dear to my memory as my family's summer house was built in 2003 not that far away from it. Basically this is the place where I as a kid realised that I like trains. So this summer I've been collecting information: taking photos of main buildings, tracks, station equipment and more. The result is very close to how the real thing looks. The station itself did not really change for the last 20 years - most building just got repainted into corporate colours and that's it (previousy the two boxy ones were coloured toxic pink with green roofs and the two big houses were tan). The staion is classified as a reserve shunting yard - basically it's too small to be a propper shunting yard, but there is enough infrastructure around for it to have a couple of branch lines and dead ends.


Just a photo from the internet taken in the early 2010s - the ticket office and power grid are already painted gray, but the office is not yet

And now my lego model - somwhere around 11k pieces went into this thing, I've also tried to make mock ups for more realictic points, I think it went well.


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All you need to detail out your ВЛ10 is to put a minifig engineer making obscene gestures behind the windshield. ... :head_back:



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This looks stunning, you have really recreated "feel" of that thing :)

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