Story Build: 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay

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I've been busy with this for the last couple months - work gets in the way. I finished the build last year, but sorting photos took a while... Hope you enjoy!

How Baracuda Bay came to be – the story of Redbeard


There is a legend which tells of a great pirate which brought terror in the Carribean. Feared by his crew, filling the hearts of other captains with dread. At the sight of his great galleon, flags where raised in surrender before a cannon had to be fired. He amassed great treasures of gold and jewels. His name was Redbeard.

But the legend does not tell the full story. Who was the real Redbeard?

Previously unread parchments have been located, which give us a new in-site into the man of legend, and those who served him. This is the real story.

Redbeard was feared on the open ocean. But Redbeard did not fear the open ocean. His great galleon was easily tossed upon the waves. With only a toad for company, he managed to stay afloat, and guard his closest possession, a map to a secret, deserted island of treasure!


After weeks at sea, he arrived at his destination. The island was smaller than the stories had told. And it was not deserted! A lone sailor had made the island his home, and was feasting on crab barbeque when Redbeard moored his mighty ship.

The sailor introduced himself as Port. Himself a pirate by trade, he had been marooned on the island years before.


Port knew nothing of the map. Port knew nothing of the treasure. But Port did know greatness when it stood before him, and pledged his allegiance to the Redbeard. Though, he did admit, he had not made a thorough search of the island in his years there, and was excited to be part of the treasure hunt.


Immediately, Port set to work, collecting flotsam in order to build Redbeard a port. The port would need to reflect the majesty of the vessel moored there.


They had started to make some progress with the pier, when a massive monsoon hit the small island. Redbeard and Port took shelter in Redbeard's ship, sheltering toad, and keeping the precious map safe!


After days of wind and torrential rain, the clouds lifted and the sun broke through. Redbeard and Port were surprised to find an entire new island had been washed up adjoining their island home. The precious map had washed into the bay, but Port bravely waded out and retrieved it.


As they set out cleaning up the debris, Redbeard found the storm had uncovered an ancient relic on the beach. He set out cleaning it, so that he could use it to locate his position on the treasure map..


While Port was distracted building castles in the sand!


As Redbeard destroyed the sand castles, they heard a muffled cry. Out to sea, they saw a stranded creature balancing on a barrel in the waves, coming towards their island.

No more crab barbeque, Port dreamed!


But Redbeard saw the newcomer as a good omen. He would not allow Port to touch the rather porky Ollie. Instead Port was sent out alone on the ship to retrieve further flotsam to aid in completing their stately port.


Soon a staircase was built, complete with a lookout and a barrel of rum. From his vantage point, Redbeard could survey the entire island, and look for signs of the hidden treasure


Port continued building. Redbeard continued emptying bottles. Ollie continued scavenging, and making Port's stomach growl...

Port was learning that Redbeard was a hard taskmaster, as his legend would later tell!


Redbeard was also a compassionate leader, and seeing Port had completed a significant part of the port's foundation, allowed him to finish the last drops from his most recent bottle of rum.


And then, one Tuesday afternoon, as everyone was getting ready to light a fire and enjoy another crab dinner, Port noticed something floating in the bay. After he called out to his captain, Redbeard immediately noticed there was something floating in the bay. Taking credit for the astute observation, he called back to Port to go and retrieve what he had found.


Port dragged a large chest ashore, and sure enough, it was filled with GOLD. Redbeard had discovered the treasure cache on his prized map!


Redbeard instructed Port to hide his treasure safely under the port foundations, where it could not be washed back out to sea. He knew, that just as he had set out in search of the prized treasure, he would not be the only one trying to find the secret of Baracuda Bay!

The treasure was too large to safely place aboard his great ship. He would stay on the island and get ready to defend against the bounty hunters that would surely show up!



Meanwhile, at a Caribbean port not far away, somewhere near Barracuda Bay...

A pirate named Robyn Loot was gathering a mottley crew for a treasure hunt. But, unlike Redbeard, she did not have a ship. Yet. What she did have was a treasure map and a very persuasive pistol, to motivate those disinclined to work. She shared her plans with a nobleman, sorry, noblewoman, the gracious Lady Anchor, who decided to invest in the project.


The crew started with a sleeping quarters. A great place to recover from a hangover. Which unfortunately seemed to be a very common condition afflicting the men.

Lady Anchor had noticed that progress was somewhat slower than had been anticipated, and was ready to pull up her sleeves and lend a hand.


Day after day, Robyn struggled with the pirates acting, well, like pirates! After sleeping quarters had been completed, a bar was laid out, a beer keg brought to tap, and rum rolled freely! Even Lady Anchor joined in for the occasional drink, laughing at the boys trying to show off.


If you can't beat them, join them! Or, at least consume enough rum that your labour problems seem to fade into insignificance! This new approach served Robyn well, and her ship made surprising progress!


With the deck taking shape, the quest of sailing for treasure was becoming more tangible every day!Lady Anchor seemed satisfied with the progress of the ship, and bananas and tea were shared all round as reward. Such a type of reward is becoming of a Lady, after all.


The view from the top is great! However, the pistol aim from the top isn't, and the crew took the opportunity to break into the bar and help themselves to more rum!


The bow of the ship was starting to take shape. Not having yet found the treasure trove of gold, Robyn had to stick to yellow paint to line the figurehead up front. Gracefully modelled after Lady Anchor herself!

Quartermaster Riggings took great care carrying the bust over the deck, though perhaps a little too much care, enjoying being so close to a Lady!


And the the masts were erected! Dark Shar Doubloons enjoyed a rum atop the main mast while lifting the Skull and Cross bones. Pirates did not seem to lift an eyebrow to underage drinking. The skeleton crew helped with the rigging, while Benny and his parrot cheered them on. Wait, Benny..?


Work started on the stern of the ship. Everyone conceded that a bar and a large supply of rum would not be enough to sustain them over the Caribbean seas. They needed a kitchen.


As the ship had mainly taken shape, Lady Anchor thought it a good opportunity to assume a commanding position in front of an archway and order the crew around.


But the crew where still taking orders from Robyn Loot, and they had other plans for the archway, and Lady Anchors comfort!


A kitchen needs walls, after all.


Easy does it! Quartermaster Riggings inspected the work in progress.


One panel to go and the captain's quarters will be complete! Robyn Loot cleared left over bottles from her desk to make space for the all important maps


And with that, the Black Seas Baracuda was christened onto the water! Starboard was so excited he grew a moustache for the occasion! Robyn took to the helm, while Lady Anchor waved goodbye to the port as they set of on their treasure hunt!


Across an ocean, Captain Redbeard felt a change in the winds. “Someone is coming for our treasure!” he declared to Port.

Immediately, they began fortification of their small island, readying cannons, and the terrifying Flying Shark!


“Land Ahoy” called out Starboard

“Ship Ahoy” called out Port

The skeleton crew set out opening the canon hatches. And then, suddenly, Robyn Loot realised the error in her ship design... Too many beer kegs, not enough canons!

Captain Redbeard smiled as he told Port to get ready to fire!


The first shot from the canon split the bow right off the Black Seas Baracuda! Rigging collapsed, as Quartermaster Riggings barked out orders to the crew to try and hold the ship together!

Starboard fell overboard and cling onto the rigging to try and avoid death-by-shark!

Ollie the pig took shelter in the long boat, and hoped no-one hungry would notice him.


The ship broke apart and collided with the island. But instead of a battle, suddenly pirates found themselves enjoying the company! Turns out Port and Starboard had more in common than matching moustaches... They had matching T-shirts too!

Robyn Loot invited Redbeard to share the captains quarters.

And thus the Baracuda Bay Island Pub was born. Strictly Pirates only! No pork was to be served. And the hidden gold was slowly forgotten. Redbeard became the legend of the ocean! Because he always had a full keg above the bar!


And even the skeleton crew could find love!


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Ah yes... the backstory has finally be revealed!

This certainly is a creative way to narrate a build...  now turn it into a stop motion video with a voice over. :pir-grin:

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Fantastic story and lovely pictures! And yes, that's how it works, a well filled bottle wins over hidden treasure! Polly and the side story of the Figure Head had me laughing out loud.

I love how well the white background works with the scenes, I wish I had thought of that for my Crimson Mermaid story!

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Great story with photos!:pir-huzzah2: It is told in an interesting and funny way.

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That was a very, very enjoyable way to relive the building experience of PoBB! Well done!

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On 8/10/2021 at 9:39 PM, Mister Phes said:

Ah yes... the backstory has finally be revealed!

This certainly is a creative way to narrate a build...  now turn it into a stop motion video with a voice over. :pir-grin:

Hmm took several months to organise 36 photos. I think that project might have to wait for my grandchildren!

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2 hours ago, beach_dr said:

I think that project might have to wait for my grandchildren!

It can be a multi-generational project in which each generation contributes a few minutes of video. :pir-classic:

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