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So, I ripped apart my previous Renault magnum also made from the bits out of the 42078 Mack truck set, and created this. A Leyland T45 Roadtrain. I have tried to make it one of my best c models yet, by trying to get a nice looking design, but still incorporate heaps of functions. The truck features:

-a tilting cabin

-opening doors

-HOG steering

-Working fake 6 cylinder Cummins motor

-Working Mid-Lift axle

-Same fifth wheel as Mack anthem, so trailers are interchangeable between the trucks.

The trailer is a bulk tipper. I didn’t really base it off any trailers but more rather combined ideas from different trailers. I combined both the chassis from a side tipper and added a regular bulk tipper bed to that. The trailer features:

-A tipping bed which is raised an lowered by a large actuator ram.

-working stabiliser legs

-suspended front axle (allows movement up and down so follows contours on undulating ground)

-automatic locking tailgate (cannot be opened at anytime unless a force is acted upon it)

-aligning rails on tipper bed to limit bed movement from side to side when fully lowered.

Hope you guys like it 🙂.




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7 hours ago, Maaboo35 said:

Very cool! Also, I see you're a fellow reader of Tractor And Machinery magazine.

Thank you. Yes, I am also a fellow reader of T&M :) .

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