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REVIEW: 76200 Bro Thor's New Asgard

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Here is my review on 76200 Bro Thor's New Asgard:


  • Bro Thor!  The printing on legs for the lower belly still not perfect but not as bad as I expected.
  • Very detailed interior with lots of great references to the movie.


  • Miek ... it's a weird design. 

I really like this set as a fan of Endgame, never thought Lego would make a set based on Bro Thor and so many empty wine bottles.  The Bro Thor minifigure is just great, I do with they have the sun glasses look but nevermind.  Korg is good but can be better, Miek on the other hand looks really weird.  Much prefer a moulded piece.  You do get to build lots of interior details which is great.  This is really a display set for the fans as it as no action or play features integrated.  I also love those easter eggs and references in the stickers designs.  I'm pretty sure there will be fans out there going to buy multiple to build the full Bro Thor's man cave.  Will totally recommend this set to any Avengers fans.

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