Designing the Arnam Mk VII

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It all started with this small tank based off of the m3 Lee, I wasnt very happy with it but I loved the engine, so I kept it around


I later redid the turret to be more round


This was the first design that was called the Arnam, named after a famous admiral in the Legion Republic (this is a whole universe my friend and I came up with) despite this being a Senate tank


It had 2 main guns, but was very tall (I was still obsessed with the engine) and track protection, I don't have chain link pieces on hand, so the tracks are bare


I then retooled it into the Arnam Mk II, which had a decent slope to the from armor, but was built in the same frame as the original tank I had built roughly a year prior


This version incorporated a new version of track protection that would be used to this day


Finally, after a solid year of redesigns I came to a difficult realization. I needed to reduce the detail of the engine compartment in order to have the tank work both structurally and aesthetically. I removed the old droid bodies and halved the overall height of the model.

This is the Arnam Mk V


The driver gets in through this hatch in the bottom


Screenshot_2021-08-03-19-00-17the engine bay has been reduced to a lever and a telephone piece to allow the height reduction. This is the first tank I will give you the tech specs of.

It has 1 AG (weapons manufacturer) TC (weapon type) 413 110mm cannon

3.5 inches of armor on the sides and rear

4.5 inches of armor on the front and turret

Crew of 3, commander, gunner, driver (no loader as the gun is auto-loading)

Multiple add one for various missions


The commander's cupola can be replaced with a 30mm auto cannon and 2 .50 caliber machine guns


The missile interference system (MIS) which messes with incoming guided projectiles and makes them not hit their target


And the cluster of guided missiles that can be fired at enemy aircraft

However there was room for improvement. I felt that the turret was too much like a WWII panther tank and not like a modern tank. So last week I ripped apart the old turret and built the Arnam Mk VII



It has

1 AG TC 424 150mm cannon

4.5 inches of armor on the sides and rear

5.5 inches of armor on the front and turret

Crew of 3, commander, gunner, driver (no loader as the gun is auto-loading)

Various add one similar to the Mk V, with the exception of the MIS, as this is now built into the turret

Optional 20mm auto cannon in the hull (adds a 4th crew member) 


Secondary turret in place of commander's cupola


And 2 different sensor packages


There are no missiles, as the role of a missile firingntank was delegated to the Honey Badger super-heavy

I also added this hinged piece to cover up the gun when elevating


The driver's viewport is underneath the 1x2 dark red tile

I will likely update with either a file or chain link pieces, whichever comes first model is here.

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