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Hi everyone. I'm c-t, I'm new here. I just wanted to share my Tumbler MOC from the Dark Knight movies with you all and get some feedback. I've tried to build one in this scale before and this is by far my best attempt. I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

51353368041_65f27ba751_c.jpgTumbler by CT Briggs, on Flickr

I sacrificed a little bit of detail in the angles of the sides for the sake of durability, but I think it looks good while being very stable. 

51354108449_9f212b5b36_c.jpgTumbler Front by CT Briggs, on Flickr

51353595998_58fb91d2cf_c.jpgTumbler Rear by CT Briggs, on Flickr 

I was inspired by these tires. Even though the tread isn't super accurate they were the perfect width and diameter for this scale. They're narrow enough that I can put them four across and it doesn't look too disproportionate.

51354388705_15e163e679_c.jpgTumbler by CT Briggs, on Flickr

51354107644_fae69aa121_c.jpgTumbler Interior by CT Briggs, on Flickr

I always like a detailed interior so I did my best. I probably could have fit in two seats if I'd tried but I don't like cramming the figures in there.

51354107394_02d64240a4_c.jpgTumbler Interior by CT Briggs, on Flickr

And that's what I've got! I hope y'all liked it!

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Welcome to the community!

Wow, this is really good! Love the use of the Nexo shields to help convey some of that angular armour, and the clear stud/clip pieces for the lights is some nice part usage. 

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