[Factions Ep.9 - CAT A] [P6 - Yavin 4 - TT] Hunting for a Triumvir

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Iher had been sent to Yavin 4 with a number of troopers in search of one of the Triumvirs. It seemed a strange request for a group of ordinary troopers but it seemed that the Triumvir had gone into hiding as the New Republic and its cronies had begun a dangerous manhunt against him. Triumvirate Intel was suggested a reasonably sound chance that he might be hiding out and Yavin 4 and so troops were dispatched immediately. They came across a small village camp, set up by some rebels who had become stranded on the planet. Of course such locals were hardly willing to aid Triumvirate forces and so Iher and his troops were having a tough time. 




It was just at that point that one of Iher's troops received a transmission for him. It seemed that his brother Farantros had been killed on the planet Iridonia. A couple of troops claimed he had been killed by NR mercenaries and that part of the city had since been lost to the enemy, the chances of recovering the body were slim. Rage boiled up inside Iher. If the New Republic would kill his brother then he would hunt down and kill all who would assist them and so in just the opposite way to his brother's moral journey, Iher set about on a mission of vengeance. It seemed he had turned to a path of violence and destruction...







A little bit rushed on this one but enjoyable none the less. It came together in only a week (relative to each of my other large landscapes that took over a month each and had the benfit of Bricklink orders for parts that I needed). The layered landscaping technique is pretty fun on a large scale cause it means that every section of slope is slightly angled. Incorporating the buildings at angles was pretty tough as was the wooden walkway (it actually slopes upwards slightly which is a pain to align with layers of a set thickness. The story had a lot less time than my past ones but I'm trying to set some storyline extensions into 2.0 and there will be one final twist in the interim period before all of it is set up.

Feedback is as ever appreciated. 



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