[R16 - Tatooine - BS] Is this the right engine?

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The right technical expertise is usually difficult to find. Sometimes the best people live in the most extravagant remote planets, either by preference or just forced by.

This is the case of Tahnes, a freelance contrabandist currently based on Tatooine that, from time to time, works for the Black Sun.


Groodun: Never liked this place, Tahnes, it’s too hot for my taste.

Tahnes: Glad to see you again, Groodun! What are you doing here?

Groodun: It’s quite convenient that you are still living in these latitudes. We need some assistance with a broken engine.

Tahnes: This planet isn’t exactly what I would call a retirement place. Do you need an engine? Here I’m getting some...

Groodun: Well, I’m talking about a hyperspace one.

Tahnes: Ah, that’s another story. Wait a bit, I have to finish this deal...


Tahnes: No, no, that’s too much. I’ll have to spend a lot of time to make that garbage work again.

Alien: Shff shfs kfsbj hj Dwbk bjsf mfss [Those ones are fully functional, I don’t load my Dewback with useless stuff]


Tahnes: Ok, let’s my colleague to inspect them. Maybe your Dewback would like to refresh itself. Jah! Look at those engines!

Jawa: Utinni!!


Some building comments:


Building in Tatooine is always fun. This time I wanted to put a bit more color with the water pump and the puddle.

The house is also partially buried by a dessert dune.

Hope you like it!


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