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FUTURON - POLARIS EXPRESS Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr


Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr

Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr

Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr

Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr

Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr

Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr

Polaris Express de Horlack , sur Flickr

Polaris Express by Horlack, on Flickr


"Polaris", in reference to the mythical Set 6972 Polaris-I Space Lab, and "Express", in reference to the Trans-Siberian Orient-Express, in relation to a tracked vehicle of the tundra

The inspiration comes mainly from the Russian tracked vehicle Vityaz DT-30, and its little brother the Vityaz DT-10PM, particularly adapted to the tundra and the cold.

Multifunction vehicle. It can be converted to Cargo, Passenger, Small Vehicles, Oxygen, etc.

There are 6 modular blocks of 5x7 studs, which can be unclipped, can be put in the hold, and can be put in the order you want. Include a mixture. The roof can be unclipped.
The 2 types of Vityaz DT have many military or civilian variants. Surely one of the most varied vehicles in the world, however crazy it is. Excavator version, passenger / troop transport version, ballistic missile version, freight transport version, radar station version in arctic base, amphibious version, crossing bridge version, forest transport version, tank version (yes yes, with 2 turrets!), Version snowplow, mobile laboratory version, gas / mining version (currently used by Gazprom), etc. We are on a monster which is not far from being 3 to 4 large cars wide depending on the version. I wanted to stay a little in this “multifunction” spirit for the MOC.

Custom radar, with lots of sensors. Cockpit, with an articulated twin-arm / view of the seat. Lights on the roof to illuminate everywhere = in the tundra, at night, in the cold, in the blizzard, in a lunar environment, etc ... Also, I focused on the armored aspect, trying to homogenize the 2x2 tile base on the hull. (or close).

I made a maximum of modularity, I could not decide on one type or another of vehicle. So I made it simple and complicated at the same time: all types at the same time, lol! It's better :)
I could also have made a command vehicle, with lots of consoles and control panels. It is quite possible, thanks to the available space. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to converting the vehicle.
Make a presentable base. Shall we say, a 1st for me. Especially the effect of the caterpillars in the sand, and the Lettering (which I'm not used to). The roof can be unclipped.

All with a playable and accessible aspect.
(I remain in the mentality / the spirit that a Lego must be playable, solid, playful, modular)

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 Vityaz DT-30 & Vityaz DT-10PM

You'll laugh: for the radar, I was inspired by the French national holiday of July 14 ! Lol :)
The July 14 parade inspired me. I have seen large radars crammed with sensors on Griffon, Jaguar and Scorpion vehicles. I spent 2h30 redoing the initial radar !

After several versions, tearing my hair out. I think I finally found my last version (the 3rd radar to the right of the 1st photo). I still built 9 versions, before deciding! The radar from the beginning, the radar v3 (or v4, I don't know any more), and the last one. Spending 2h30 fighting with less than 20 pieces, I didn't think that was possible.
- "What did you do with your July 14?"
- "I spent 2h30 tearing my hair, with 20 Lego pieces"

Welcome to an AFOL ....:) :) 



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This is beautiful, just like a supersized monorail train. I like how it accepts both a passenger and cargo configuration. The tiles on the sides give it a tough, armored look.

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This is fun. I like how you used some of the same round-ish shaping that's present in a lot of the Futuron sets. The mini-vehicles look like cool little builds, too.

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