[EP IX CAT B] [U6 - Mon Cala - FF] Flight of the Sparrow

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*This entry has earned 17 XP and a Mon Calamari Space Station*


Having downed another of the numerous pirate starfighters, Suppi Vio's A-Z1 Sparrow picks up an enemy fighter on its tail. Three intuitive flicks of the flight-stick sends her rolling into her attacker's blind spot.
Scratch one more bogey.

(Editing by the super generous @Darth Bjorn)

Battle over the waves of MON CALA! 
The Outer Rim homeworld of the Mon Calamari comes under threat from Imperial Pirates. Called into action one last time, Admiral Yima deploys the 2nd Fleet of the Freedom Fighters to answer. 
For the first time, the Freedom Fighters deploy a brand-new starfighter designed specifically for their use. The A-Z1 Sparrow was designed from the ground up as an ace starfighter for the Followers of the Force, and quickly proves it was worth the effort. The FF send twelve Sparrows against a swarm of over thirty enemy Scyk interceptors. By the end, the interceptors were like buzzflies against birds of prey.


Combat Mission Debriefing
Doashim Squadron

Commanding Officer: Ekkis Bron

XO: Suppi Vio
Stationed: FFS Peace and Quiet

Primary Objective: Complete. "All enemy fighters destroyed, Sector 17 airspace cleared. Group supply status: good-to-engage; moving to assist friendlies with next sector objective."
Friendly Casualties: 0
Enemy Fighters Destroyed: 30



Parallosa Astrogation | A-Z1 Sparrow
Pilot: Suppi Vio
The A-Z1 Sparrow is a multi-purpose starfighter designed by Pepp Parallosa and manufactured by the Selvaris SubPro Engineering Union for use by the Followers of the Force. Unlike most of the reused starfighter models they fly, the Sparrow is a cutting-edge starfighter designed by, and for, the Followers.
A collaboration between ex-racer Shasta Genn, former Incom-employee Fanak Loreon, and starship engineer Pepp Parallosa, the Sparrow is reverse engineered from an intact High Republic-era Vector starfighter, and built on the proven framework of the X-Wing space superiority fighter. Designed, like the X-Wing, to be a balanced starfighter with no exploitable weaknesses, the Sparrow is lighting fast, well-armed, and extremely maneuverable under the guidance of the galaxy's best pilots. It is also expensive, so the Freedom Fighters have chosen to purchase enough to deploy only a single squadron flown by their best combat aces.

MandalMotors | M3-A Scyk Interceptor 

Pilot: Grat Vasinelli
The M3-A Scyk was a light starfighter comparable to the TIE/LN in terms of quality and durability, a real mosquito of a ship. Its price tag meant the Scyk was a no-brainer to pad out the squadrons of Cartels, mercenary groups, and local security forces. In particularly thrived during a period of intense Imperial oversight: it was dangerous enough to merit deployment, but not advanced enough to attract any Imperial attention.







The shot below is using parts from CAT C, and shouldn't be included in the judging.

After the mission, Suppi reunited with her childhood friends on Telos IV. Once, they had all been janitors on the Peace and Quiet, dreaming of doing something great. Now Suppi was XO of a fighter squadron, Noora was head comms officer for the Admiral, and Webster was a quartermaster aboard the flagship. They had come a long way from mopping maintenance corridors and scrubbing vacctubes. They'd become adults, or something close to it, at least.

"Suppi! You lived!"

"So did you!" Suppi grinned.

Webster gave them both a characteristically concerned look. "Suppi is the one blasting around at a million metres a second, but somehow I worry more about Noora..."

Noora punched him in the arm and helped her friend down from her ship. There was a moment on the plains for some reflection, as the three friends enjoyed the setting sun on a peaceful planet.

"Y'know," Webster finally said, looking admiringly at the farmland. "I did tell the Admiral I wanted to get into dirt, eventually. This dirt seems swell enough."

Noora shook her head. "You'd be an awful farmer."

"Is that so?" Webster raised an eyebrow, his voice pitching up. "Then I s'pose I have to prove you wrong!"

"I think you'll be a great farmer, Web," Suppi added, her voice calm and low like always.

"Aha! Thank you very much! Someone who can recognize potential, it's about time."

Noora rolled her eyes, and the three went quiet for a moment.

"...I told you guys we'd make it, you know."

Webster and Suppi looked at Noora, and then each other. They knew exactly what the other was thinking. Normally they'd joke, remind her about how she'd always got them into trouble, make sure she wasn't too proud of herself. But miraculously both of them were feeling the same kind of sentimental, and so neither of them said anything of the sort. On either side, they put their arms around their grateful friend, and simply enjoyed the well-earned moment of quiet.

(Besides, Noora knew exactly where she was talking out of without being told.)


Thanks for looking!

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Those are some fun ships!

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