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[MOC] 10277 Crocodile Locomotive Alternative Build

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The enigmatic train, has stopped with questions on the period of lack of expression and melody,
"Dorice" The nostalgic train, leaving towards the station of beginning and forgotten memory.
This enigmatic steam locomotive, born in 21st Century, appeared to us with its old beautiful charm as if it were taking us back in time.
Visualized in this project is a steam locomotive.
Because they are the first type of locomotive,
Dorice reflects the first order in Ancient Greek architecture as well as references the first music mode in the medieval/renaissance era, "Dorian mode”.
Similarly to the Prelude and Fugue style in Baroque music,
“Dorice” consists of two parts: the platform Crepidoma and the Dorice locomotive itself.
The Crepidoma, which supports and flatters Dorice, has symbolical elements as well.
One side of the structure represents elegant symmetry which symbolizes classical simplicity and sentimental fashion.
The opposing side has the presence of coarse asymmetry which symbolizes baroque complexity and the use of logical mechanism.
These symbols are complimentary, working together harmoniously but in contrasting ways.
The Dorice locomotive, the style of British steam locomotive has adopted for the simple silhouette with majestic and elegant vibe of Doric order,
By bringing out the heaviness through the robust design of the cylinders on both sides which can be observed from the façade,
Dorice truly shows off its originality by elegantly balancing out the heaviness with its overall linear design.
On the side of the boiler, there are grooves which remind of fluting of Doric order.
On the top of boiler, the chimney which looks like Doric order's capital,  standing figuratively.
At the bottom of the boiler, on the wheels, a coupling rod that transforms the reciprocation motion of pistons to rotational motion is embodied, which can be observed using LEGO(R) Powered-Up parts.
Inside the locomotive, there is an engine room that includes fire box, throttle and gauge,
the tender connected to the locomotive has shovel and sliding door for coal; a lid for the tender's water tank on top.
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Beautiful, ingenious alternate build.  The pieces used in trains and the hugely differing shapes of trains makes train alternate builds generally very hard to create and this is excellently executed.

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