[Q4-Telos IV-CFS][Factions Episode IX Cat C] A New Friend

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Searcher's Journal

[Translated from Durese]

The Confederation of Independent Systems has been sending aid to the local populace on the farming world of Telos IV during the invasion by the Triumvir, also the location of an old Jedi Temple in the polar regions. At the fringe of this region, my transport has detected an abandoned warehouse used to transport goods to the temple from the farmlands. Searching it could provide valuable supplies to the Telosians and hopefully, information or clues on Mual'oq.


The winds howled around the platform, littered with crates of supplies and fresh snow, blinding to the eye from the sun's glare. At the end of the platform, there was the grey warehouse and next to it a mobile plant habitat. Jal moved to circumvent the crates and scattered supplies when a blaster popped out from behind an upturned orange crate and wild red blaster shots erupted from it in quick succession. Jal stood still, none of the blasts hit him. He smirked, his blue finger on the trigger, ready to fire. 

"Hold," he yelled, "Drop it" 

The blaster dropped. 


Jal quickly walked passed the doorway to discover the one who fired at him, a young human researcher slumped against the MBH. He noticed that her shoes were gone and her clothing wasn’t  meant for the harsh winds and cold temperatures of the polar region.

"I was expecting a Triumvir," he said upon seeing her.

She shook her head, looking a bit worried. Jal put his blaster back in its holster.

"I'm a researcher, um archaeologist," she began to explain, "well, um, used to until my boss got mad at me. I, um, took a blaster bolt to the knee."

"Ah, researcher," Jal coughed, made a quick gesture then continued.

 "Who was your boss and where'd you come from and how'd you get the blast," he said as he pointed at her injured knee.

"Um, my name's not researcher pal."

"My name's not pal," he smirked," it's Jal, but credit for being close."

"Oh, well, I'm, um, Tolli, uh, Sierras. I'm from Telos and I worked for a dog-faced guy named Mual'oq until I, uh, learned that he worked for the Triumvirs. Then he, um, shot me, left me for dead, for, um, uh, not cooperating, yeah."

"Mual'oq was here?"

"Um, yes, you know him?"

"Yes," he replied, "Tell me everything you know about him."

"Well, I'd, uh, love to, but not here. It's a bit chilly," Tolli said smiling. 


"I have a ship, but first, I need to check the warehouse's manifest records and gather up the supplies," Jal replied.

"One problem, I can't walk."

"That's," he paused while remembering that her knee had been shot,"a good point."

Jal sighed, then helped Tolli into the CFS transport ship and onto one of the medical cubby-beds. After throwing a fluffy, navy blue blanket at her, he walked back out into the cold wind and bright sky and gathered all of the supplies and together with the MPH, slowly loaded the goods onto the ship. Then, he walked into the the warehouse to investigate the manifests. A half-hour latter, he returned to the ship and sealed the ramp door. He sighed in relief, he was closer to Mual'oq and had the supplies, and as a bonus, a new friend. 


This was a fun build :)

The house was inspired by Cube Brick's Abandoned Village on Zeffo moc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNIsNohOGWQ&t=24s



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