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Farantros narrative:

The battles on Iridonia had lasted for many weeks and whilst key strategic areas had been captured quickly, there remained those regions that were yet to submit to the superior might of the Triumvirate. Farantros had fought with his own squad as well as a number of Nezdi's local troops and they had successfully captured many enemy strongholds in the rural swamplands of Iridonia. 

Whilst most of the commanders had completed their missions, Farantros' force was to remain behind for a short while to maintain stability. It was during this time that Farantros was allowed a period of scheduled leave. For soldiers in the Triumvirate, much of life was simply moving from one battle to the next and so time off, even just for a day, came as a relief. 

Given the ongoing status of the invasion, the large towns and cities of Iridonia were not safe without a good blaster at your side and a great deal of caution. Farantros had therefore been pleased when Nezdi had invited him to spend the day off in the local village.


And so Farantros found himself in a small cramped kitchen in rural Iridonia, talking to Nezdi's mother - Ihisii. Ihisii was a short, traditionally-built Zabrak woman with a pale complexion and a pleasant manner. She had cheerfully busied herself preparing a meal for their guest: chopping up vegetables and looking for ingredients in the cupboards. Her kitchen was rather a mess with Tupperware strewn across the countertops and crates of food littering the floor. She had told Nezdi to fetch his father from the workshop and then began talking to Farantros, telling him about what she was cooking - a traditional family recipe. Farantros had listened politely and remarked on the similarities of Iridonian culture and that of his homeworld of Devaron. 

As Ihisii finished up preparing the meal, Farantros walked through to the dining room where he met Nezdi's father, Vovvi. Vovvi was standing in the doorway of the dining room looking out thoughtfully across the yard and turned to acknowledge the young Devaronian as he entered. He was a stern looking elder Zabrak whose faced was lined with age. He was a quiet reflective sort and on the rare occasions that he spoke he did so slowly and with a deep booming voice that seemed to accentuate the wisdom of his words. He welcomed Farantros with a firm handshake and then his wife emerged from the kitchen to announce that dinner was ready. 


As the family and their guest sat at the dinner table, Ihisii began a conversation about recent events. 

Ihisii: "I must say how glad I am that the Triumvirate has come to restore order to this planet. For too long we have been at the mercy of pirates and hopeless remnants not to mention the constant meddling of the New Republic. Here is a toast to the hope that the Triumvirate has restored". 

All around the table raise their glasses of blue milk in a toast. The conversation then continued. 

Ihisii (cheerfully): "The Triumvirate taking control has already alieviated our shortages of food as well as bringing an influx of Triumvirate credits. The New Republic credits and local imperial ones just don't spend well these days. The Triumvirate's arrival will bring some much needed stability." 

Vovvi (seriously): "I hope so. Last time the Empire came here we were willing to trade our freedom for stability and look how that turned out. I hope we get the safety and security that we need. And there is the hatred as well, those stormtroopers are always discriminating against us non-humans. Just the other day they let humans skip in front on you in the market  queue, Ihisii. Neighbour Obed got beaten up by them pretty bad as well. They claimed they thought he was a rebel spy. He didn't get any compensation or anything though when they found he wasn't. I don't want to seem ungrateful but We should still worried about the future" 

Ihisii: "Of course, but we should be optimistic about this new period in our history as well, one of security and prosperity." (To Nezdi and Farantros) "and we are proud and grateful for the fact you have liberated us!" 

Farantros smiled politely but inside he felt torn. There would be some within the Triumvirate who would have arrested the family for such slander and yet he could not ignore the truth in what he heard. Farantros had always been in an unusual position, an alien in what remained a human-centric empire, he had come to tell himself that the ends justified the means. Doubt had no place in the mind of a soldier and yet Farantros could not rid himself of the questions...


The Kitchen:


The Lars Homestead Kitchen:




I tried to pick out all the key features in the reference images available, the tupperware on the counters, the plant and boxes on the floor, the positioning and shaping of the cupboards, the blue milk tap (from a deleted scene). I'm very happy with the results.

Dining room detail:


The Lars Homstead Dining Room



There is a lot less reference imaging for the dining room and the angle which I chose to show it from limits that further. I included the wall details, overall shaping and main table as well as the outside entrance. I did attempt the ceiling pattern though it is unfortunately not visible in the photos I took.





My version of the domestic setting is supposed to be as close to the Lars Homestead as possible (building from very specific references is not something I have done much before and is surprisingly complicated. It is also built as modules so if I build further areas they can slot together:


Also thanks to @RocketBoy for his advice on the redemption arc story. There is still one part more to come but his suggestions ultimately inspired not only the story but the concept of the build itself.


Any feedback is welcome!





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I really enjoyed this. The story is great, I like the different personalities of the family members, they're very distinct, and Farantros's reactions feel genuine and I sympathize with him as a character. Some of the dialogue from Ithisii feels word-for-word like propaganda, it may be that people on the ground would talk in less lofty ideals like "stability and security", but maybe she's just a true believer! And the patriarch balanced things out well. 

The build is fantastic, this is one of my favorites of yours. The details are perfect, even the lighting is spot on, and it all works to create exactly the right atmosphere. (And I loved the behind-the-scenes look at the process!)

Great work all around. I'm excited for that final part.

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I don't think I've ever seen this scene in LEGO before - you've nailed it!

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That kitchen is absolutely perfect. Well done!

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