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[J7 - Iridonia - TT] Counter intelligence

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"The insurgents did not manage to wipe the data drives it seems. Technician Lask, commence stripping this facility. These catacombs are expansive, and we must act quickly to prevent any effective counter strikes on our forces."
"Yes Sir!"
Cdr. Bannon stood surrounded by tall figures clad in polished black armor, admiral Neimor's personal strike force. 
"I must break protocol captain - why are we being sent in to clean up on the Reaper's butchery? Our briefing on the Cresentius pointed to other objectives, yet we were split and the three of us assigned to you. Why?"
"Good soldiers follow orders Notturno. As chance would have it, your question is quite prescient. On these drives is the location of your objective. Details and transport will be provided. Failure will not be tolerated."

"Ah, yet another mission of... sensitive nature?"

"Of utmost importance."
"Understood. Bravura squad, move out!"

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Great build, nice graphics and good consistency with Bjorn's earlier build - really helps build a connected aesthetic.

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