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[Esl - ChIV - Cat F] The Terraversa Crab Basket Part 6 - Chief Apulo is going rogue

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[Esl - ChIV - Cat F]

The Terraversa Crab Basket Part 6 :


Chief Apulo is going rogue


A strange ship with a strange delivery is approaching a non less strange rocky point near Terraversa...



This is the Special Delivery the Chief Apulo ordered to some shady characters...

Do you remember them ? Nah ? You've already seen them though...Remember our last Episode !

Ah ! Of Course ! : The Terraversa Crab Basket Part 5 : Sea Delivery by @Professor Thaum

And now it seems Chief Apulo is going rogue ! He has acquaintance with Sea Rats !



That's why he rushed out from the Colonial Council of Eslandola months ago from now shouting at whom would dare to listen to him he had a solution for Terraversa !

A solution which implicates smuggling with Sea Rats... Well... Probably not a totally legal business then...

So, let's get back to our protagonists and see what this delivery is...



- Alright Chief, mumbled the beardy pirate, here is your Gloubster.


- Glou - ster ? Ah ! Gloucester ! Like the Corrish province ! it's from there ? is it ?

- Narrh... spit the Sea Rats... not at all ! It's GlouBster, don't skip the B in the name... It's a new species discovered or created by the Doctor Thaum and he named it Gloubster : according to him it's an hybrid (I think it's the term he used) between a Glouglou and a Lobster so a mix of the 2 animals then he logically named it Gloubster.

- Ah allright ! Answered the Native a little bit confused. And it's tasty ? Isn't it ?

- Probably yes ! The Glouglous and the Lobsters are 2 delicious species ! Why this one would not ? But I never had the oportunity to try it.

- Ok ! Perfect ! This is exactly what I was expecting ! Chief Apulo enthousiastly continued. Our project is well progressing; this is a fructuous association ! The Doctor is clearly a sure associate ! Here is the first part of the payment. You'll have the end at the delivery in Silithonia. Concluded the native by giving the smuggler a certain amount of gold.

- Thanks Chief ! Chewed the Pirate snaping up the gold in his pouch. The Doctor prepared a totally secret network to make transit goods through all the main places of Terraversa, you'll have your Gloubster ready for your little party in time ! Trust him on that ! Come on lads ! He finally yelled at the crew. Faster ! We don't have all the day !


The last crates and other smuggling goods were quickly prepared and the rest of the delivery was achieved in a record time.

To be continued ...


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Very nice work, Faladrin, love all those swinging bridges and the watchtower and shipwreck, and as I commented on the Professor's build, that Gloucester Gloubster is wonderful! :laugh: :rofl:  Great entry, and great to see some piratey activity going on! :excited:

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Interesting story. I like the various buildings on the rocks.

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Neat concept with the connected rock outcrops! Looks good

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