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The city project keep growing

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Hello there,


after a short break, I can now show you the new update of my digital city project. This time i added the new book store to the city and expanded the roads. I also changed and added some details you told me. Therefore I changed the subway entrance to an emergency exit and added the road construction site.

Feel free to watch the building video below. I´m happy if you do cause it would help my little channel to grow a bit :)

Below the video I also posted the current pictures of the city.



city expansion

The city layout in the overview. The new book store on the right, with the expanded streets in front.



The expansion. In the left, the changed emergeny exit for the subway. Also nice to see the dimensions of the road construction.


road construction

The road construction in detail. From the left: The Light arrow, the generator and then the open part with pipes. In the mid the workers put there unused equipment and the dirt from the hole.


I hope you enjoy the new added part of the city.

Let me know if you do and tell me if there are points of improvement :)

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