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[MOC] Silent Mary Moc

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Hi everyone 

It has been a while since I posted something in here but I want to share my version of the Silent Mary I found on YB created by Moc my Bricks.

I've added approximately 2500 extra bricks on his build to make the ship more realistic and more detailed. 

This is the first big ship I've made and here are the mayor things I've added or changed:

* I've added an extra lower gundeck

* The wide of the rear is increased by 2 studs to add 6 rear guns

* The weapon on the backside is changed, I've tried to make the 2 lions holding the shield.

* There's a galley below the upper gundeck

* All guns have been redesigned to make them more realistic 

* There are 2 triple barrel guns hidden on the front of the ship

* The captain quarters is having a full interior now and there is a secret storage below his desk.

* The main deck is drastically changed, it's having chairs to the lower and stearing deck and a few other items changed. 

In the link you see all photos I've made and I hope you guys like it and if you have any other ideas to improve it even better please let me know.


Link to my Bricksafe page:




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Very nice, I like it, but could we get a couple shots from farther back? All your pictures have the top of the masts cut off, It's a bit harder to appreciate a ship fully if you can't see the whole thing.


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Nice work. :thumbup:

For the pictures try to make links to the pictures instead of charging the picture itself. Don't hesitate to use an external image hoster like FLickR or ImgUR and just post the link in your post (you can see how to do in our tuto). For now I took the liberty to add a full view of your ship to your topic.

And for photography I would suggest you to use a blank background; I was quite disturbed by your clock and window in the background.

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