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7 hours ago, Darkdragon said:

I would say that most people tend to build with bricks.  There are discussions about pros and cons of LDD over but in the end, as far as i know LDD is not supported anymore.


I think  @Guyinaplaguemask was meaning that in digital builds most people use LDD, which I think is inncorrect and most people use, in my view.

Personally, I prefer LDD and use it for all my base building and basic minifigure posing, but I use for decals and smaller details unless there is a specific technique LDD doesn't support.. But yes, LDD is not supported anymore (and not for awhile). I hope with LEGO buying bricklink this will lead to better Bricklink/ integration.

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LDD is older so it is not surprising if there are more LDD virtual builds here, partly due to not being around and partly due to inertia. But is probably the way to go for anyone wanting to start now.

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