(recolor + and part designer) Explorien minifig and an Astro-Dasher

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Hi everyone,

I took a shot at using Inkscape to create Explorien torsos that aren't in - I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out so far.

I know that original Explorien torsos didn't have blue in the logo - it was just yellow, black, and shades of grey. Logos on other parts used blue, so I tried it that way, and I like how the colors pop. The image is a little rough, and it's huge on this screen for some reason - everything's still basically a rough draft at this point while I figure out things like lighting, scratches/degradation, (and resizing photos), but it shows what I've got figured out so far.
(The hardest part was already done, because credit for the svg version of the logo itself goes to Oleth - I found it at Swooshable.)

I have two of the three torsos done (the one with a big circle wasn't that difficult...) Once I have all three of them done, I'll post the blue and grey versions them in the gallery.

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I have most of the torsos done. Ironically, the one that's the hardest is just a big circle, but I can't get it centered on the torsos in PartDesigner. I won't be getting back to this for a while, because school is starting up again, but I wanted to show what I've gotten done up to this point. 


I'd post the .svg files or the files, but I'm worried about copyright violations...I'll do some more checking around before I go any further with that.

Anyway - thanks for looking.


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