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Darth Bjorn

[J7 - Iridonia - TT] Enemies at the Gates

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Interlude - Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: For almost a decade I had been waiting for this! A desire, no! A need! A need I had suppressed since Jakku. Since Endor even. Revenge! Revenge for killing my men! My friends! Now was the time for the Empire to strike back. Take back what was ours, and revenge those who did not live to see the new dawn of the reborn Empire!


Somewhere in the depths of the Wortan catacombs of Iridonia… A strategic command center is on maximum alert...

thumb_NPC_solok.jpgGeneral So’lok: So this is it. They’ve chosen Iridona! Let’s hope we chose the right alliance!

The general frowns and looks at a comms officer...

General So’lok: Initiate full population evacuation and get a message to the New Republic! We may need their help after all!

thumb_NPC_comsofficer.jpgLt. Ruro: Sir! I do not get any response from Malidris, or any of our planetary relays! Comms are down!

General So’lok: A communications disruption could mean only one thing... 

The general paused, staring at the holographic representation of his homeworld. He snapped out of it, and continued...

General So’lok: We’ll have to do this the old fashioned way. Prepare our three fastest ships to clear Iridonia space, and send out distress signals to our allies! Hell! To anyone who’ll come to our aid!

thumb_NPC_sariss.jpgCpt. Sariss: General, we’re on high alert, and we know imperial invasion protocol...

The captain is interrupted by a loud thumping noise, and the blast doors sliding open… The Reapers are here...






The commander stared into the pitch black void… He couldn't remember if he pushed the Zabrak, or if she jumped...


The Imperial Triumvirate use the Secret Hyperspace Route, won in Ep. V., This will allow the owner to build 1 entry on any planet in the galaxy regardless of current accessibility.

The planet chosen is Iridonia (J7)


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Secret Hyperspace Route

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Nice.  Good action there, I really dig the way the rock work looks here, and NPU with the silicone band used for the blood!

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